Oct 22nd, 2010

“Patch the starboard side! Make sure no more water leaks!” That’s probably what T-Mobile’s feeling internally as more and more is uncovered about the MyTouch HD (not 4G, apparently) each and every day. Today, two biggies come out of TmoNews. First, this will be named the MyTouch HD, at least according to some officially-branded accessories for the device.


We all once believed it’d be sporting the 4G tag considering T-Mobile’s recent marketing shift from having an “HSPA+ network” to a “4G network.” Now that that’s out of the way, you style-conscious Android users will be happy to learn that white will not be the only color this phone will be shipped in. Interested buyers can choose between black, red, and plum, as well.

I personally prefer the black because I hate the prospect of getting white technology dirty and, well, plum and red just isn’t for me. Which would you guys rather have?

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