Google Demo Slam Shows Off Android Voice Search with Marshmallows and Skateboards


If you haven’t checked out Google’s new Demo Slam site, here is enough reason than ever (if you count the few days the site has been life as ‘ever’). The new site that pits Google tech demo videos against each other has featured quite a few showing off Android functionality, specifically Voice Search.

Check out the Droid X doing the honors in a couple of fun videos that are slamming it out right now.

[via DroidLife]

Kevin Krause
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  1. … chubby bunny …. great test, try a search for CPR. If the little one trys to shove any more marshmallows in his mouth, search results will be the last thing on his mind…. Thanks google, killing children by marshmallow mouthfulls one at a time.

  2. ok both of those are so kick ass! :D

  3. @sho_one wtf is your issue?? It called showing off a feature and those kids were closely watched I’m sure. Also if your kid dies from choking on marshmallows it’s your fault not googles!

  4. Besides, chubby bunny is an awesome game, especially drunk around the campfire! LOL Now we have tool to better judge the winner! HA HA

  5. Dont worry about sho he is just a b*tch hahaha kept in a cage growing up you know those types

  6. thats is awesome im so gonna play that game

  7. The trick is to eat a bunch of cookies, then try to say Aaron Burr really quick without drinking any milk. I think that was a commercial once too…

  8. It’s all fun til someone gets hurt… or dies

    Good video to show it off the voice translator though. Wonder why it has so much trouble with my moms broken English…

  9. Of course a couple of black kids choking to death wouldn’t bother you racists

  10. haha

  11. Chubby Bunny has killed both closely supervised children (e.g., in school) as well as fully grown adults. It is irresponsible of Google to promote their product using this dangerous game. The problem is that marshmallows warm up inside the mouth, they soften and then melt. The gooey substance then conforms to the shape of the mouth and throat. When a partial swallow occurs, the goo can get caught in and completely occlude the airway and cannot be removed by the Heimlich maneuver or finger sweep. This is a deadly game and there are numerous cases that prove it. Do not play it or encourage others to play it. I used to work in the field of product design and food safety and know what I’m talking about. If you don’t believe me, talk to a doctor.

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