Phandroid AppCast #1: Reckless Racing, OnTheFly, Winamp (beta), and HootSuite



Every week countless apps land in the Android Market. It’s a bit overwhelming. Even we here at Phandroid have a hard time keeping up, but that isn’t stopping us from trying. We are unveiling what will become a weekly series of videocasts highlighting just a portion of the many apps released each week. For the week of October 17th we saw several new entries among quite a few key updates. So sit back and relax as we take a quick look at a few that stood out to us.

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. Firsties

  2. Polar bit is the worst developer ever. He gets rich off of garbage!
    check put the comments for reckless racing..everyone thinks its garbage..and there isn’t even Free version to try out.

    He made a racing game where you don’t even race…in the entire game you don’t drive one car! How could that be considered a game!?!


  3. @Casual

    What the heck are you blathering about? Usually polarbit puts up a demo version a couple of weeks after the first upload. I don’t understand what you mean that you don’t drive one car….I was able to play it just fine.


  4. Much needed review of new apps, but would be better if you didn’t try to be creative, clever, or funny in between because it ain’t working and it just drags out getting to the info I really want. Thanks for the reviews though! Added OnTheFly right away.

  5. The Apps were cool,, But the Visdeocast ,,,well Lets say it could have been allot better.

  6. @Casual
    IMO Reckless Racing is by far the best game on Android. On startup it takes a while to download content over wifi which is why tards are giving it a bad review.

  7. People complaining obviously never played racing games like this on NES, which, obviously, didn’t have those sorts of graphics, but the same type of steering methods. It’s not meant to be a racing sim, just a time killer… Geez, don’t be so critical.

  8. Okay, decent reviews but the “humor” between them was painful and awkward. Just get to the reviews and if you’re going to be “funny” make it snappy!

  9. Well, I’m completely sold on Winamp for my default media player on my Fascinate. However, the desktop Winamp app is still in epic-fail mode. I could elaborate a lot on this, but I’ll just say that the application has not had a major version upgrade in over 6 years. That pretty much says it all right there. The user interface, while once stellar, is now an antique, and as far as I’m concerned, the whole thing needs to be scrapped and rewritten from scratch at this point. It’s kind of ironic, because the Android Winamp app is one of the nicest Android media player interfaces I’ve seen. Hopefully they have plans to do a complete overhaul on the desktop app soon, and bring it up to 6.0.

  10. Thanks Kevin I like your style. And your not so trivial choice of music. Also, it’s nice to get a face with a name.

  11. who knows the name of the music in reckless racing plz send it to my Email
    [email protected]

  12. I suspect that the number of new apps is only going to go up with time at this point. I agree that only the best apps or the ones that truly stand out seem to be the ones that should be mentioned. The problem with the Android market is not unlike the Apple AppStore – there’s a lot of apps that are of little use to most people. This problem will only be more severe because of Android’s open nature.

  13. When someone posts “firsties” before their actual post, I’m shocked that so many people still consider their opinion worth commenting on.
    Thought for the future.

  14. I’ve been using HootSuite for quite some time and now that I have an android I’ve stuck with it. I love the progress of the app and the overall company.

    However, I am used to the Hootlet allowing me to post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. I wish the android app did the same thing. Maybe eventually.

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