Oct 21st, 2010

Remember when RIM acquired DataViz? Yea, me neither. But apparently, they did. Regardless, that isn’t stopping them from releasing version 3.0 of their suite of document viewing and editing app. We first heard about all of the exciting new features and changes back in May of this year, but I knew at that time we were still a long way off from a final release. The wait is getting shorter, however, as they’ve finally committed to a launch date.

“Sorry for the delay everyone… we are hoping to release this week/beginning of next week!!”

For the upgrade to 3.0, they’re touting support for Office 2010 files (complete with password protection). Other notable improvements include a better file managing experience, multi-touch support for the PDF viewer, and a Windows application that will allow you to sync files between your Android phone and your PC.

DTG3_01_Main_App_Launcher DTG3_02_File_Browser

I bought the full version back in May for $5.55 for their special Cinco de Mayo sale, and it has been worth every cent of that. If you jumped on that deal like I did (or happened to buy it any time since it’s launched on Android), you’ll be glad to know that you won’t have to pay another cent for this significant upgrade. (Many were worried about that considering how the ecosystem for upgrading applications to newer versions on Blackberry and WinMo works.)

We’ll be looking out for this to hit the market whenever it finally does, hopefully by next Friday!

[via Android Central]