Sony Considers Full(er) Android Diet


sony-ericsson-androidNot content with a few phones, a couple TVs and a blu-ray player powered by Android, Sony is considering going full-Android. Or at least creating a more robust line up of different, Android powered, consumer electronics.

Dare we dream? A tablet or two, a Viao or perhaps a digital camera? What about about a Playstation Four powered by Android? You know, about that Playstation…

Regardless of what Sony decides to do, it will be nice to see just how robust Android can (or can’t) be. And there is only one way to find out. Android refrigerator, anyone? Does Sony make a fridge?

[via Yahoo News]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Wow great. Now it will take them 4 years to update a device instead of just 1 year. How about releasing 2.1 on your supposed flagship X10 FFS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How about… an Android sandbox on PS3? You know, to play casual games on PS3 with a big screen… maybe with Gingerbread… I dare to dream ;)

    But seriously, they should update their phones more quickly. Even my Acer Liquid finally got 2.1!

  3. This just in! Sony may or may not make unnamed products!

  4. lmao

  5. The PS3 can run alternate OS’s now, we just need somebody to hack Android onto it ;)

  6. Not a big Sony fan, but if the PS4 ran Android I would be tempted.

  7. sony is a phony

  8. It’s “Sony ERICSSON” – not “Sony” – there’s a big difference…

  9. Dude, I’m with you about the slow update being roll out by Sony Ericsson but you must understand something. Sony and Sony Ericsson are different company. Sony is run by Japan and Ericsson is run by… I don’t know but it’s different, don’t expect them to be like that incapable Ericsson.

  10. sony and motorola are fully in googles camp. Samsung are slowly shifting to android camp. What is left in Windows camp is HTC and Dell. But both of them will make android phones also. Android FTW

  11. They should port google TV to the PS3.

  12. @Mike Correction, the PS3 used to be able to run an alternate OS. Sony killed that with an update last December.

  13. You just HAD to find a way to stick that silly picture into your story, didn’t you? Well, I like it.

  14. Google TV on PS3 would be awesome, but wouldn’t work, cause you don’t have hdmi in, so you couldn’t channel your tv through it.

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