Get a Look at the Four Shades of the T-Mobile myTouch 4G/HD



While we can’t say for sure if the T-Mobile myTouch will end up with 4G or HD branding, we do know it will be coming in four different colors: white, black, red, and plum. Now we are getting our first look at how each of these colors will look on the myTouch thanks to some shots grabbed by CellPhoneSignal. Looking nice with colors that act more as accents rather than having, say, an overwhelmingly plum purple handset. Check out the full gallery at the source link below.

[via CellPhoneSignal]

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  1. just prays the phone doesnt fail……

  2. OMFUCKINGG tmobile you fuckin noobs. Where the fuck is your phone with a screen of at least 4″ (sorry, NO galaxy crap)? Tmobile needs to grow the FUCK up and learn that nobody wants these plasticy kid phones anymore. Sure it has a nice processor and a front facing camera (VERY nice features), but look at it. How am I going to carry that phone around and get blowjobs at the same time. Total Fucking fail, so ugly. The sad part is that I’m going to have to settle for that shit. With T-mobile, I always have to settle for some crap not as good as I hoped. Now excuse me while I go cut off my 4.3 inch dick (soft), I wont be needing it after a girl see’s me with that phone. Cio.

  3. That UI is horrible on it though. Doesn’t make the phone bad but the UI is omg. I don’t know why they did that. What was the purpose of putting bubbles around the icons? It made the screen look blocky and more filled up. Well, personally I would run a Launcher on it. The phone itself still should be awesome.

    I think I would take the all black one. I don’t like half and half colors.

  4. Wow its good looking ;)

  5. WHY did they put espresso on such a slick phone. I could have lived with sense or stock, but espresso blows.

    Why dont carriers allow you to pick your own o.s? Looks like I am going to root and use cyanogen cause espresso is horrid for such a slick phone.


  7. The phone looks great. Great features. I personally think the size is just right. The galaxy s phones pack a 4″ screen that seems a little big for the pocket. Granted no one carries phones in there pockets but for one reason or another it will need to go in there from time to time. What does concern me is the battery life using a dual processor. I wouldn’t expect this phone to come close to a Iphone for battery life. But I think Tmobile got a good phone with the Mytouch HD. Expectations are high.

  8. @Keller…
    dude seriously, wtf is ur deal, nobody gives a fuk about u girls n phones, if u need a nice lloking phone to hook up with a girl, ur a retard who doesnt deserve to have a dik in the first place. ur totally fukkin fail, its not a plasticy phone, the back cover is pure metal, ur an idiot who rants n raves without doing the research, if u dont like the phone then dont get it, ur as dumb as a box of rocks, go kill urself. who the fuk wants to hold a phone as big as a remote control anyway, o w8, losers like u, u dont even know how the phone operates and from the buzz goin around this phone, ur prolly the only guy in a club of ur own, and that my friend is ur solo club of homo gayness, how bout u grow the fuk up n stop posting useless bashing shyt and ur dik prolly isnt 4.3 inches soft, its prolly 3.4 inches hard u damn lame. STFU n go cry to ur mom, either that or fuk ur sister like u usually do.

  9. Keller you’re an idiot. Its got a 3.8 inch screen, are you really complaining about the .2? 2nd the phone is not entirely all plastic. You should just leave Tmo and go some where else were you can get a phone that you like. Its not that hard. Judging by your immature comments you probably dont pay your own bill and dont decide what carrier you are on. If that is the case, you’re fucked.

  10. @keller schmeller the screen is 4 inches you retard

  11. wish we could edit our comments btw

  12. Aside from other issues, as long as this phone doesn’t have the perma-root issue that the G2 has (or those are resolved), I think this is going to be a great phone for TMo.

  13. Hmmmm Mytouch 4G with Froyo or Nexus One with Gingerbread, decisions decisions. Only if it had Stock.

  14. @keller yea u retard its 4 inches. It also shoots magic, kills terrorists, and is cat

  15. just no perma-root, pls.

  16. Man, ppl sure do complain a lot… I think the black looks great. My only gripe is that it has hard keys for home, menu, etc. However, they seem to be pronounced so they should be easier to hit than the flat keys on my Slide. I’m gonna wait until this is out and do a side by side comparison with the G2, but it’s looking like the new MT is my next phone.

  17. I agree with daewon3r… im gona compare it side by side with g2 and i think its gona be my new phone.. i love the white!!

  18. My only gripe is missing search button. I find myself using it pretty often on my Nexus One, and I doubt the Genius feature really needs a dedicated button.

  19. SORRY guy (above) but no one wants a HUGE ASS FUCKING SCREEN… the size of this phone is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. @keller schmeller: I freakin LAUGHED MY ASS OFF! Literally at my cubicle at work and just plain laughed! Love it! @Nieves Diaz: Learn to actually spell COMPLETE words in a whole sentence & not like your texting another 12 year old and we may take you seriously.

  21. I personally love the black one it looks great. Cannt wait for this phone. By the way Keller Shmeller grow up and stop putting the same lame message in every post, if you dont like tmobile, go with ripe you off ATT, or overly price lame 3g verizon, or even better go f*** your self.

  22. Keller schmeller….youre not stuck with jack you tight ass go get another carrier & shut the hell up this phone is gonna blow all other android throwbacks away why dont u go blow at&t jackass

  23. Frank. Thank you. Your one of the few here who appreciate my twisted humor. hahahaha

  24. i kinda think that this could be my next phone. i think that so far, it looks really good. too bad about the UI, but i think it is better then blur.

  25. I never seen a mytouch can some one please tell me what is the difference from a nexus one to mytouch and does it have live wallpaper.

  26. this is ridiculous, fck tmobile for real. they suck and always will coz they r dutch.
    @rolandroid – you need a nokia 3310, fogetbou smartphones.
    @keller – I feel u man

  27. @Jdog

    Nexus One doesn’t have gingerbread and probably won’t being that it is dead product.

  28. i personally can’t wait for this phone!! wish they’d just release it already!!

  29. Here’s something you can try it turns out that the name for the upcoming new T-mobile Mytouch HD is also called T-mobile Mytouch 4G. I actually found videos showing some the the phone features, and more pictures of the phone.

  30. @2FR35H Damn boi your dum, I love how you didn’t even notice that the videos + pics Phandroid has been posting of Gingerbread were of it being used on a Nexus One. Also people were saying the same thing when Froyo and the EVO came out saying the Nexus was dead but this phone is a damn zombie and it won’t go away. Don’t worry when you get all excited and want to see Gingerbread it will be on a Nexus first, oh well and thats why most phones should be stock.

  31. Any idea if this is coming to the UK? I’m looking for something to replace my ageing htc magic and think this could be it. Depending on whether cyanogen will support it?

  32. you’re calling someone a retard because you don’t like what they had to say? pretty pathetic.

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