After Manufacturing Delays, Samsung Captivate Finally Arriving at Rogers



Rogers has been building up to its Galaxy S device, the Samsung Captivate, for a while now, but manufacturing delays have been pushing the launch of the handset back to later and later in the year. But the wait is coming to an end as the first shipments of the Captivate are beginning to trickle into Rogers with inventory reaching stores over the next few days.

The Captivate can still be pre-ordered by new Rogers customers up until this Sunday, October 24th, at a promotional price of $149.99 and three-year voice and data contract. Beginning on the 25th the phone will go on sale in stores at a slightly higher price of $179.99 on a new contract. Existing Rogers subscribers who meet upgrade eligibility can get the Captivate for $149.99 until November 2nd. Did you take all that down?

You can read more about the arrival of the Galaxy S phone over at Rogers’ RedBoard. Here is what Samsung Canada VP of Mobile Communications Paul Brannen had to say:

“Due to a worldwide shortage in Super AMOLED technology screens, we regret that Samsung was unable to deliver the Galaxy S Captivate to Rogers in time for the scheduled launch. The continued shortage has resulted in repeated delays. We know this is a widely anticipated device and apologize to Rogers customers. We’re pleased to say that we have begun shipping the device to Rogers, though shipments will be limited over the next few weeks.”

Those pesky Super AMOLED screens always causing trouble. What’s up with that? [/rhetorical question]

[via RedBoard]

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  1. The reason behind the delays really should have been disclosed earlier. There has been a lot of flaming on the Redboard over this release.

  2. The big question is, Did Samsung actually fix the GPS in the Roger’s Captivate? Yeah, Rogers said there version won’t have the GPS bug of other US Galaxy S phones, but I want proof!!

    I’m hoping one of the reasons for the Rogers delay was to fix the GPS antenna…

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