DOCOMO to Launch Galaxy S on October 28


A few weeks ago we reported that the Galaxy S will now be hosted by DOCOMO. But, as per usual, there is always some gray area with the actual dates. But it looks like DOCOMO is trying to clear the air with an official press release stating that the official launch will happen Octobor 28th.

Full Press Release:

Products & Services

TOKYO, JAPAN, October 21, 2010 — NTT DOCOMO, INC. announced today that it will begin selling a Japanese-market version of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.’s GALAXY S smartphone nationwide in Japan on October 28.

The GALAXY S features a 4-inch, ultra-bright SUPER AMOLED high-resolution touch screen that plays full high-definition (Full HD) video. Multi-touch functionality enables intuitive control of the screen. The 5.0-megapixel camera shoots high-definition video and the phone supports Flash® for PC-like access to diverse Web content, including Flash-based games.

The device is powered by the Android™ 2.2 operating system, which is compatible with a large variety of applications available at the “docomo market” mobile portal, as well as Android Market™ and Samsung Apps. The GALAXY S supports DOCOMO’s sp-mode™ service, which enables smartphones to access i-mode™ mail accounts.

The GALAXY S also is compatible with an e-book distribution service that DOCOMO plans to launch on a trial basis on the same day that GALAXY S sales begin.

There are also two pdfs with some additional information and specs. But the good news is that the Galaxy S will, in fact, launch with 2.2.


[via DOCOMO]

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  1. So does this mean on October 28 2.2 will be launched for all Galaxy S phones? Also, you misspelled “Octobor” lol. No big deal or anything. Just sayin.

  2. This article was written around 1am my time, so my spell checker had gone home for the evening. Honestly, you should be thankful it turned out as well as it did! :p

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