2.1 Still On Track to Make the X10 Slightly Less Dated


Sony-Ericsson-Xperia-X10-Android-phoneOk, now that my jolly ribbing is out of the way.

The Sony Ericsson Product Blog has posted some video demos of the XPERIA X10 running 2.1 and all the little bonuses it brings. The XPERIA team really seems to be focusing on the smoothness of the experience, which is something nobody can gripe against. The following YouTube video was snatched directly from the Sony Blog and highlights the improvements in the Timescape application.

Users can expect the X10 update to start around the end of this month and continue well into November.

[via Sony Ericsson]

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  1. “Jolly ribbing”…brightened up my morning, anyway.

  2. 2.1 sucked. 2.2 was the first usable version of Android. Without the JIT, it’s going to be 3x slower. What a waste. SE, please go bankrupt now to avoid the inevitable slow and painful death.

  3. Why should they ? They sell phones like hell….

  4. Pretty happy with my x10 – cuz it was $10 w 2yr contract compared to the other androids which were all $150 or so. Though now that I look at the website again I see the others are down to $25… and I’m still in the 30 day cancellation period… What to do?

  5. My Xperia x10 is working just fine as it is. So for me, any upgrade is a welcome. I understand that the OS is not up to date, but come on get real people, this phone performs like a champ. I do agree however that SE should not promise anything unless they can deliver. Bad Business. So to SE I say, give us the upgrade and get on with it !!!!!!

    JOHN M.

  6. 2.1 sucked, a frikkin ipod touch blows it out of the water performance wise. Everyone should stop with the outdated releases and the ghey ui’s.

  7. Sorry Sony users, this is there MO. How long has this phone been out and it still doesn’t even have 2.1? Pathetic. This is why I wil never buy there GTV. I would never be able to count on any kind of update that may be needed down the road. The biggest joke is their commercial for this phone that came out last month for their “American debut”, lol. As an earlier poster stated, please go bankrupt asap and do us all a favor.

  8. why do you require this much time for this crap os,no doubt that iam going to throw this phone away,realize yourself, iam not going to buy any sony ericsson phones again, please friends don’t encourage such craps any more,they will discourage you any way with another delay with this crap, if this happens iam gonna throw this crap in to the for sure.

  9. This thing is beautiful in person, I just hope they get a new phone with 2.2 on Verizon soon. Sony Ericsson has always had awesome phones, but so slow to get them out.

  10. @ John. M -phone doesn’t perform like a champ. Low ringer sound, low in-call volume, bad call quality (sounds to the listener on the other line your speaking in a tin can). I like it even though it has a lot of short comings, so i wouldn’t say it performs like a champ, more like its ok phone, great at everything that ISN’T phone related. Takes great pictures, good apps, good 4″ screen for viewing. I can’t wait of update :D

  11. mann..i have heard soo many problems with this phone,im makes me worry,i mean that this looks like an awesome phone and everything and it has a great concept,but people are saying that there isn’t a way to get to the android market to get apps,and when you try to download an alternate app marketplace,it says that you need the android marketplace to download the alternate and it just seems like a mess.

  12. @AndroidKing

    I am not sure who you have been talking to but I have no problems getting to the android market. As for other markets no problem either. There is a setting to change that lets you download from other locations than just the market if you wish. Go to Settings>Applications> click on “Unknown sources”.

    I personally love the phone, do I think it could use a spruce up, absolutely!

  13. @Nylore
    you know what,now that i think about it,i think they were talking about the xperia x8/the mini or something or it was maybe the xperia pro,i dont remeber,i just know it was one the new sony android phones,now that i think about it,i don’t think they were talking about the x10,haha,sorry,i got confused.

  14. Sorry Sony you guys disappoint me already. Just return my X10 at Best Buy and waiting next year for a 3.0 Gingerbread Android phone you guys are WAYYY TO SLOW MAN.

  15. To be honost i bought this phone about 2 weeks ago not knowing the software was being upgraded but simply because the phone is unreal. I was stoked when i realised it was being upgraded to 2.1. What ive seen from the upgrade so far it looks like the designers know what they’re doing. Anyone that says this phone is shit because of the software will never be happy. Seeing all the negative coments while having this phone in my hands makes me think its people comenting that have never had one or people working for a rival company. This phone can know when someone smiles and take a photo. I can tag my missus and it’ll search the albums and tag every other photo of her. I can not give this phone enough ctedit. The update to 2.1 is just a bonus

  16. You need to get to a store and check one out. Somethings wrong with the coments when a guy named androidking knows nothing about android phones. Suss coments? Seems like he’s only here to make the phone sound bad. And as for izzy, i work with machinary and have no problem hearing or feeling the phone ring. And sound quality is in my opinion the best out of all phones ive tried. Like i said i completely stand by everything about this phone. (Except the small keyboard but theres plenty of apps) although i am getting use to it as you can type faster. Dont listen to the coments, just get to a store and try one. Guaranteed you wont regret it. X10 FTFW

  17. This phone could be perfect but its not

    i BET you anything that you haven’t returned your phone, just trying to put pressure on SE, but to be honest, no-one gives a Sh*t because at the end of the day the X10 is a GREAT phone, and although being a tad slow, it’s perfect. Ever since May i had this phone and nothing to fault it has arised, so get a grip and stop trying to pressure people who dont even read your comments? ;)
    AND @ LUKE…. true, X10 FTFW! :)

  19. I have owned a x10 for 4 months I sent it for repair because the GPS failed to work they sent it back still not working then they sent me a phone with working gps but one that cant keep conection to the phone network Im realy dissapointed with this phone sorry i didnt wait for the N8

  20. @ chris im hearing ya bro. X10 FTFWMF!!! ;-)
    All it comes down to is if your your phone needs an update every 2 months there’s something wrong with your software.
    I can almost smell 2.1

  21. It may not bring with it all the functionality of 2.2 but I think you clowns will be pleasantly surpised by just how smooth/responsive the new UI is.

    Please, sell your X10’s, buy a crappy HTC and leave us in peace.

  22. The X10 is good, but could have been so much more if SE would have just kept up with the times. It will be the last SE phone i buy for the forseable future as i am very much wanting to keep up with the latest versions of android and keeping myself open to updates in the future.

    I’m thinking of getting one of those Synapse One phones, fully customisable internals with root and unlocked bootloader as standard. Plus its beautiful and eligible for 3.0 when that releases.

  23. X10 is fine no problems here and besides when other brands stop updating your phone at 1 point in the future you also all gonna cry about that.

  24. Had my X10 since April, I have had no problems at all aprt from the simm card dropping of the newtork, I had that replaced, all good, everything just works. It’s a slick bit of Hardware, great camera. The Andriod update is a bonus

  25. Hahahahahahaha, I just love these fanboy comment’s that appear, I’ve had the X10 for 6 weeks now, it’s the dogs, and I mean the dogs, I read all this HTC this HTC that, HTC is in comparison like Hyundai is to Ford, face it, Apple mug ppl with good marketing, Nokia offer a good product, Sony appeals to those who know Sony just don’t make anything bad, and if I was to sum up, all this Android debate is the same XP fan that said Vista is rubbish and now bang’s on about Win 7 and how good that is, they are correct Win 7 is good, but Win 7 is just Vista with the complicated bits taken out for dummies, but you all bought it didn’t you, good marketing again, if I had to sling my X10 in, the only phone I would consider is the N8, and only because like Sony, Nokia know how to make it properly.

    Oh, and wake up, no smart phone has good battery life, if they did it would be 4x thicker to accomodate the cell required, turn the GPS off and you will get 3 days out of a charge.

    Now, write out 100x…I must not believe hype,hype is for fools, as are reviews.

    Because nobody who works for a rival company is able to post a negative comment are they?

    Get out of Lemmingtown before it’s too late and you end up addicted to Eastenders,Big Brother and Who wants to be a popstar type programs, read the manual, and understand how to work it, if you only have the ability to do two commands get a phone that only needs two commands, timescape rules btw, if only Apple had thought of it eh.

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