UK Residents: Galaxy Tab Giveaway! (via GameLoft)


First the hope of Froyo on the Galaxy S, and now a Galaxy Tab giveaway contest. You Brits are just striking it rich tonight!(or is it “this morning”?)

Digressing, GameLoft and Pocket-lint are teaming up for this contest and entry can be done one of two ways:

On Facebook: just “Like” Gameloft and comment on the Pocket-lint competition page: http://j.mp/bNcG3j


    On Twitter: just follow @Gameloft_UK (http://j.mp/arc0zX) and @pocketlint (http://j.mp/dwJYUD) on Twitter and then retweet the following message: RT & follow @pocketlint @Gameloft_UK to win the new Samsung Galaxy Tab: http://j.mp/bNcG3j

      A few facts of note:

      Two options means twice as many reasons to hurry up and tweet or friend.  What are you waiting for?

      Tyler Miller

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      1. UK residents only? :(

      2. “UK residents only”?

        Yes, its about time

      3. “Yes, its about time” And why’s that?

      4. U.S. always shares.. why cant UK do the same?

      5. Aw, man. Come on. I can’t blame you guys for this as it’s Gameloft, but I’m fed the fuck up of seeing competitions that you can only enter if you’re on Facebook or Twitter. The world is getting stupid.

      6. I agree with simon. I don’t want an account and these stupid contests require them

      7. Don’t win then. Simple.

        And Facebook is the second most visited site in the world … it makes sense to advertise on there.

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