Reckless Racing Brings a Top-Down 3D Racer with a Redneck Twist to the Android Market


recklessSwedish developer pixelbite, makers of Raging Thunder 2, have unleashed yet another pretty cool (from the looks of it) offering into the Android Market. Reckless Racing brings a top-down view and full 3D graphics with a touch of good ol’ boys style right onto your Android handset. You may have heard of the game by its old name Deliverace, which has been shed in favor of the new title without giving up any of the promised backwoods fun.

The game is going for $2.99. Not cheap by Market standards, but definitely nothing that will break the bank if you have been looking for a good racer in this style. Pixelbit is touting the game for “the prettiest graphics, coolest physics and dirtiest powerslides ever seen on a handheld device,” and while we must always take a developer’s own praise with a grain of salt, we see nothing from the trailers that flat out nullifies the statement. Grab it in the Market now.

[via Androidnica]

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  1. after Angry Birds the best game in the Android Market so far

  2. They should have a free beta version of the game before I decide to buy it.

  3. Off the hook, that price looks well worth it.

  4. Looks like a must buy

  5. Just from that video and after playing Raging Thunder 2….$2.99 is totally worth it. Ill find out sur sure as soon as its done downloading to my sd card :)

  6. @Slick, You know you can buy it and return for refund within 24 hours if you don’t like it, right?

  7. Is this multilayer? There is a permission for wifi.

  8. Gah… download to sd card is taking forever. Looks like some nice graphics though, so probably worth it! Loved Raging Thunder 2, and hope this also has multiplayer

  9. It is telling me my license is not authentic and to buy it from android market. Well, where the f*** did I get it from?

  10. HOw was I ever going to find this without this posting? I mean I do like the democratic and open nature of the Android Market and all, but this would be pretty much impossible to find without a recommendation….the market really sucks for devs with new stuff, that’s for sure.


  11. What gives…It’s been 5 minutes and download to SD hasn’t moved. Is this normal?

  12. Damn it. Ofcourse as soon as I post it starts….

  13. @Jimmy it took me more than 5 minutes to even start over WLAN. After 10 minutes, it’s now half way through…

  14. i don’t understand why developers don’t do a free version of *every* game/app that’s released. it doesn’t make any sense at all.

  15. Ok, game finally installed. Fun, but a bit sluggish on the N1. Also has multi-player, though it failed to connect to the server when I tried.

  16. @dave,

    refund if you dont like it!

  17. Is this available for 1.6?

  18. @eric – the only way to find out is to search the market for it on your 1.6 device…or scan the code in the article. If it shows up in the market than it will run on 1.6…if it doesnt show up then it wont run on 1.6.

  19. what a pile of shit. this thing doesnt work at all. it finally finished downloading but it doesnt start. just shows a loading screen and then dissapears…no error message or nothing.

  20. What the hell, it won’t start the sdcard download…..been trying for a while…

  21. it looks like they pulled it from the market. hopefully they get it up quick…it would be nice if they tested these things before releasing.

  22. Plays absolutely beautifully on my DX. Blows Angry Birds away.

  23. awesome game but a bit slow on the N1 which is a bit disappointing

  24. Its slow on htc desire. Runs slow when its all cars on the screen. Waiting for a less buggy version with less need for hardware

  25. No Demo = No Buy. Burned too many times.

  26. 24 hour refund. Use it. No need for a free version unless you don’t own a credit card.

  27. Like Butter on Galaxy S, definitely one for the more modern and powerful phones. The bad reviews on the market are obviously from retards. And for anyone complaining about the time it takes to install data get a life it only takes like 10mins.

  28. @HTC… I hate to tell you this, but you can’t magically make 3D games use less hardware. It’s the nature of the beast. This game has some of the best graphics I’ve seen on android. If you want android to have quality games, developers cant cater to slower phones.

    People with the n1, desire, evo, etc should realize that 3D games wont work on their phones as well as phones with dedicated GPUs like Galaxy S, Droid 2/X, G2, etc. Its like complaining because Crytek didn’t make Crysis run well on Single core CPUs and low-end graphics cards.

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