New Verizon Roadmap Says LG enV Touch Pro Also Launching on November 11, Droid 2 Global to Feature ‘Improved Camera’



Yesterday we caught wind of a slew of Android handsets headed to Verizon on November 11th. The four mentioned were the Motorola Droid Pro, Motorola Droid 2, HTC Merge, and Motorola Citrus, but no love for the LG enV Touch Pro. Thanks to an anonymous tipster we can now add that phone and it’s dual touchscreen clamshell design (which should look something like the enV Touch pictured above) to the November 11th list, too. But wait, there’s more!

While initial rumors were pegging the LG Vortex and Samsung Continuum for October 29th releases, the same tipster has given us info to suggest that the phones will in fact launch on — you guessed it — November 11th. Throw in the just announced Samsung Galaxy Tab and you have one heaping dose of Android for your Big Red holiday shopping.

Oh, and the same list points out one interesting tidbit that I know at least I was not aware of: the Motorola Droid 2 Global will feature an “improved camera.” We saw that the Motorola Milestone 2 would feature 720p HD video recording, so expect it in the next version of the Droid 2 as well.

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  1. I’m very happy with my Milestone after an update to android 2.2.1 and It seems like Droid X get booted so no fear I’m waiting for Droid 2 GE 1.2Ghz or Droid X SE 1.2Ghz for my holiday season.

  2. I switched from the LG Voyager to the Droid Incredible. Big, BIG difference, obviously. The Voyager sucked in so many ways I can’t even begin to count. However… the form factor, keyboard, and durability of the phone is something I really miss. If the LG EnV Touch Pro is solid on the software side (I’m not holding my breath…) then I think it’ll be a pretty sweet little phone.

  3. Until there is a LTE Cortex A9 Android phone available on VZW, Droid T2?, I will be sticking with my Droid.

  4. Forgive me for my ignorance, but the LG EnV Touch Pro is def going to be an Android device?

  5. I just checked and, yes, it will be an Android device and should come with 2.1, not 2.2. I couldn’t find any other projected specs.

    I’m curious about it as we just got a Droid Incredible for my mother which is both her first smartphone and first touchscreen phone. She’s having one helluva time adjusting to it. Originally, I was thinking of the EnV Touch for her, but she decided she wanted to dive into Android and that’s what she chose.

  6. the LG enV Touch was a very solid phone and a very very accomplished media player to boot, for a feature phone it is great

    however as an android phone….well…just look at the LG Ally, probably more of the same, weak hardware, gimped 2.1 Android, little to no memory (the Ally has a 600Mhz CPU and 100 megabytes of memory if thats an indicator guys)…..it is a very solid built phone able to take a lot of abuse

    i think Verizon is packing Android into it in order to force users into some sort of data plan because if it’s anything like the Ally it could have been a really nice feature phone but sucks as a smartphone

  7. I owned an original EnV Touch, and it was hands-down the worst phone I have ever had. I actually had 2; the touch screen in the first one died within about 3 months of ownership. The second one was also terrible; it’d freeze while typing out texts and it loved to do weird things like not turn on the front screen when I pressed buttons from time to time. Not to mention the terrible design that made it extremely to pocket dial people. I once pocket-called my girlfriend 22 times on the 1.2 mile bicycle ride from my apartment to my job.

    No envy (ZING) here for the folks getting the Touch Pro.

  8. @Harb i have the EnV Touch and it is hands down the best phone i ever had. i had some of those problems but in the end its still my favoirte non-smartphone device. i never really had a smartphone but my family all have smartphones and i play with them alot and still like mine better. the only things that it didnt have that i wanted was a bug fix, higher end specs, and android. that would make this device amazing and ill defintatly consider it for my upgrade. i need to know more specs about it to decide either the env pro or the merge

  9. how come we haven’t seen any leaks of this phone at all? every phone thats been coming out has has some sort of images, facts, etc leaked.

  10. The LG V, EnV, and Voyager phones were the best damn phones Ive ever owned BESIDES my Droid! At this point im too stuck on Android, but def an amazing phone for someone who doesnt want a smart phone!!!

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