Multitasking Mom? Samsung Thinks the Galaxy Tab is Perfect for You



Leave no stone unturned must be Samsung’s advertising motto when it comes to the Galaxy Tab. They don’t want any demographic to go untapped when it comes to getting the word out, and their latest focus is on the busy moms of the world that could sure use a nice little device to help them along the way. From keeping a personal assistant in the purse to entertainment for those whiny brat kids, the Galaxy Tab has it all according to this post on the Samsung site. Now I’m just waiting for their entry on stay-at-home dads.

[Samsung via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Got limbs? Samsung Thinks the Galaxy Tab is Perfect for You

  2. Sure, because all your average multitasking stay at home moms will want to dish out $600 for something like this. Oh wait the handfull of ones that want something like this ALREADY BOUGHT A $500 iPad! SMH at Samsung not realizing that an agressive price point is probably more important than the advertising in this particular product line…

  3. @Pimpstrong

    Last I checked the iPAD didn’t have any HDMI out (a feature no doubt displayed in the very screenshot in this article), didn’t have flash, has less memory, etc, etc.

    Stop trolling


  4. @Brad pimpstrong is sadly saying the truth. even if the glaxey tab has more stuff it still needs a good competitive price. $600 is not gonna work

  5. @andulas
    your right. at most.. $450 will get people excited about how cheaper it is than the ipad and how it can do so much more.

    As gadget geeks we know whats a better OS. Android of course. but everyone else in the world wont know the difference.. they lean for apple cause of the prettiness and easy to use OS. Android is a little more complicated.

    that being said.. people will rather pay 500 for the ipad instead of 600 for the Gtab because..

    1)they wont know the difference bout either of them but the size.


    2) they wont know what to do with all of Gtabs features and they are not gonna pay another 100 to figure it out.

    Also.. shouldn’t 10″ tablets be more expensive because its a bigger screen than a 7″ tablet?? or are we gonna going the opposite way and get charged more cause its easier to carry? how much will a 30″ tablet cost? lol

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