Froyo Coming to UK Galaxy S Early November


Time for our British Phandriodians, that are powered by the Galaxy S, to breathe a sigh of relief. Samsung UK just tweeted that the expected release time for Froyo on the Galaxy S is “early November”. Now, early November can mean a lot of things to a lot of people and we can all expect an influx of “Where’s my Froyo” at about 0015 on November 1st. But that’s to be expected as all major upgrades keep us salivating with anticipation until the moment we get that notification.

Your days are numbered, Eclair. So, smoke ’em if you got ’em.

[via unwiredview.com & @samsungukmobile]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Smoke em if you got em!! Lol Awesome closing statement!

  2. That is an awesome closing statement.
    As a Vibrant owner I knew the dangers of purchasing a phone produced and supported by Samsung. I figured at worst it might take them a month over their EAT for their official Froyo update. But waiting past early November for an update is looking to be a bit much…

  3. Get an unlocked HTC.You’ll get updates much faster

  4. Senior in High School=Broke. ;)

  5. I had no idea it was on 2.1. To be fair, the response time on the Galaxy seems to blow the Desire away. I’m still sticking with HTC though

  6. Unless you’re on T-mobile UK, they’ve said their version will be end of november. Because they are vastly rubbish.

  7. that’s great, now Samsung need to upgrade Kies to the 21st century, compared to Nokia Ovi it’s pants.

  8. Unless Samsung come to their senses and release the update OTA then i’m stuffed (Kies only works with Windows, and i’m running Linux).

    I really like the Galaxy S, but i’ll be going with HTC for my next phone so i can get updates OTA… either that or i’ll be waiting for CyanogenMod to support the Galaxy S :-/

  9. The response time on te Galaxy varies wildly from super quick, to dog slow. How does 30 seconds waiting for the Gallery to open sound? Or 15 to open the PHONE application?

    It doesn’t happen all the time, and the LagFix certainly helps, but the problem is you don’t know when the Lag is going to strike next. You’re just left cursing.

    Early reports are that 2.2 does nothing to fix this, makes it slower even, and that it still doesn’t address all 512mb of ram (as with 2.1 only around 372mb are used by the system).

    I certainly wont buy another samsung device.

  10. the vibrant will be my last samsung product that i buy, this is be on ridicules, froyo will be here when every other phone will be on 3.0 gingerbred.

  11. @Moida, sounds like there’s something not right with your S. Mine flies and even tho I find opening the phone app slow (3 seconds on 1st load and less than 1sec on next ones) 15 is way too long. Try get a replacement or find what’s hogging things.
    Maybe try find help in the XDA forums.

  12. I have mixed feelings about the Galaxy S. I recently purchased one as it looked good on paper (Cortex A8 + PowerVR 540 GPU etc). However, in reality, the lag problem really destroys the user experience. Such a pity, as I believe faulty software is the cause, not hardware (something to do with Samsung opting to use a modified RFS file system for the data partition).

    The other thing I do not like is the color scheme used for SMS message balloons – yellow and blue – very “Fisher Price”.

    Fix the lag problem and change the colors of the SMS balloons to something bland (like greys for example) and I’d be in handset heaven.

  13. I bet ya it gets delayed again… SGS is the worst phone I ever owned, not it terms of hardware specs but the software is absolutely shocking, shocking and shocking.

    I got my device updated when it was available for 24-48 hours via Kies and now run Froyo and let me tell ya its slow as… the OS runs a little better then Eclair, but I noticed now the graphics slowed down heaps… games run MUCH slower.

    Overall, lag is still there, GPS is still choppy – phone is still nothing more then an overpriced paperweight.

    Samsung – no thanks, never again from them – after what they are putting customers who paid good money for a high-end phone… I mean hacking the phone with lag fixes so it runs the way it should … what the???!!!

    Anyway, HTC is the way forward they know how to treat customers much better.

    Throwing SGS in the bin or sell it off to some sucka, getting a Desire HD instead.

  14. Hum first they said “by the end of September” for t mobile uk, then they said “within the first 2 weeks of October” now we hear “November”. I’ll believe it when I see it. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver to be honest.

    Samsung said they were going to be pushing the updates for this but on current evidence they are failing hard at it, I will be looking elsewhere to a company who can deliver next time.

  15. This is ridiculous. We were promised 2.2 in “a few weeks” when we purchased our Galaxy S’s in late August. For full price. The whole reason we didn;t wait until our next upgrade was because 2.2 was supposed to be here by now. i feel like we have been ripped off. Never another Samsung. this is just Bull****.

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