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1.3 GHz on Your G2? Pennies.


G2 1.4Yesterday it was reported that the G2 had been overclocked to 1.3 Ghz. Naturally 1.3 Ghz is so yesterday, now the rage is 1.42.  It’s interesting to know that all of this has been done without permanent root.  And even with no break in the fog the modding community would never let that get them down, and will continue day and night to improve our phones and OS.

From coolbho3000:

After two nights of mostly guesswork, I have managed to create an overclocking kernel module for the HTC Vision. The result? I have been able to not only overclock the MSM7x30 in this phone to 1GHz, the stock speed of the higher “binned” but identical 8×55 used in the Desire HD, I have been able to push the processor in my G2 significantly further, up to 1.42GHz! Benchmark scores are very, very high, and the improved CPU performance is in line with what you’d expect from such a high clock frequency. All of this is possible without permanent root (and the ability to flash kernels) because we are using a kernel module and not flashing an actual kernel.

Guesswork? Awesome.

Clearly you’ve stopped reading the article and have already headed over to XDA; but in the off chance you’re still with us, here’s a YouTube video.

[via IntoMobile & XDA]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Sorry to say this but 1420Mhz is not 1.42Ghz… its actually 1.38Ghz.

  2. Honestly? I wouldnt overclock this phone. Everything is instant already and runs butter smooth as it is. Still fun of course!

  3. My G2 runs like a champ and handles all my multitasking like nothing.I’m glad I live in a Hspa+ area(I hate writing that out,IMO 4g sound sooo much better.)

  4. Ricola?

  5. There is a competition going on at ! Someone hit 1.55GHz now. lol.

  6. @John, 1420mhz is 1.4ghz. The units are hertz not bytes.

  7. Acer Liquid Metal has the same processor as this beast!

  8. Wow, this phone was already pretty fast with just stock!

  9. @John, are you using a different math method to the rest of the world? 1420mhz is 1.420ghz simples

  10. @alex
    and even if it was bytes john would be wrong.
    M = 1×10^6
    G = 1×10^9
    no matter what units you use…

  11. @alex actually John would be correct if it were bytes

    1G = 1024^3 = 1,073,741,824 bytes

  12. Pieter, I think he was going the whole mega/mebi route with that one.

    Anyway. Tyler. I like the way you write. Keep up the witticisms.

  13. @john…


    1.42Ghz is just the average.. Some gets even better like mine.

  14. ya’ll sound real cool with all these formulas. lol, but anyways yep my psx emulator is butter now. they should make a gamecube or wii emulator for this thing lol.

  15. Byte me!


  16. You are all wrong 1420 mhz, if you use the right formulas and conversion actually comes out to, Who gives a shit? its really fucking fast

  17. What does it do to battery life?

  18. Alex is right,*facepalm*, its cycles per second, not bytes per second

  19. @aap: As for battery life, you can use SetCPU to dynamically scale it back down to 240MHz when in a low-demand situation (idling, etc), so it really shouldn’t be too detrimental.

  20. Have we officially hit Ludicrous Speed?

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