Samsung Continuum and LG Vortex Heading to Verizon October 29



If you thought the four devices landing on Verizon on November 11th held enough Android to hold you over for the foreseeable future, then I hope you can handle two more handsets that have just been pegged with a street date two weeks earlier. While the Samsung Continuum with it’s interesting dual-screen design and the LG Vortex aren’t exactly tipping the scales in terms of sheer power when compared to handsets like the Motorola Droid Pro, Droid 2 Global, and HTC Merge, they do offer what should be a nice serving of Android for those looking for a slightly lower-level device.

No word on pricing, but our guess is these won’t break the bank and most likely be priced below the typical $199.99 price point. Quite a few options from Verizon these days, even if it might just be better to hold off until the LTE handsets start dropping…

[via DroidLife]

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