Bell Launching HTC Desire Z November 3rd



We just learned yesterday that Canada’s Bell would be picking up the HTC Desire Z, and before you could even finish filling out the registration form and patiently await an email providing more information on the release a leaked document from Bell Mobility is spilling the beans early. The Desire Z will be available on November 3rd, and just like it’s T-Mobile G2 counterpart will be ready to pull down data at speeds up to 14.4Mbps on Bell’s HSPA+ network. That makes it the first handset in Canada to even think about operating at those sort of speeds. No subsidized pricing is listed on the leaked memo, but off-contract pricing is set at $499.99.

[via BGR]

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  1. Why can’t Telus get this D:

  2. Im eligible for an upgrade Nov 2…incredible timing :D

  3. Will this work unlocked on AT&T 3g?

  4. Yes, nyr, this will work on AT&T 3g. Bell, Telus, and Rogers use the same bands as AT&T for 3g.

  5. Will it work to put an at&t sim card in a Bell phone?

  6. Does anyone know if this includes Cincinnati Bell wireless in Ohio?(US)

  7. Is that $499 USD or Canadian?

  8. Does anyone know if this will work on Cincinnati Bell’s 1700/2100mhz 3G band? thx

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