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Though available as the T-Mobile G2 without HTC Sense in the United States, the HTC Desire Z will be getting its first official release by that name outside of Europe when it lands on Bell in Canada. Not much is offered in terms of release details, but a registration page is now up at the Bell site for those eager to be the first to hear about date and pricing on the handset.

It should carry all the same specs as the Desire Z announced for other parts of the world including a slide-out (more like pop out)  QWERTY keyboard, Android 2.2, and an 800MHz processor.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. At least Canada is getting an awesome phone.

  2. The Desire Z looks like a great phone, I particularly like the idea of having a real keyboard again. I used to have a Nokia Communicator then moved to a Samsung Omnia. Personally I prefer something with a real keyboard so will definitely be taking a look at the Desire Z when it finally gets released in the UK

  3. This is good news for AT&T customers, Bell uses the same 3G frequencies as AT&T. Sad that we have to order phones from out of the country just to get a high end android device with a qwerty keyboard.

  4. @Christian White thats cuz AT&T is ridind the Iphone nut sack

  5. AT&T customer HOPING the Desire HD follows

  6. I predict (based only on a hunch, no information) the Desire HD will hit Telus. I predict a bit of a wait, though, as they only got the original Desire a couple months ago.

  7. Isn’t Bell a CDMA provider? So can’t use the same phone on AT&T in the US.

  8. Bell’s a CDMA???? i thought the z isn’t compatible with CDMA, just gsm, HSPDA, and HSPUA

  9. While I would love a Desire HD the pricing is just not practical and never will be. Not just for the phone but for the outrageous data plan rates we have in Canada. I suppose it would be cool to use it just on WiFi but not for $700 or $800.

    I don’t do 2 or 3 year slave plans so that is not an option for me.

  10. @BinaryTB, Bell and Telus worked together to build an HSPA+ network, it went live last year.

  11. Have a look at this site. Looks like it will tell you which phones work on which carriers. The site has Desire HD and Desire Z for Bell already on the list.


  12. launch date for the Desire Z on Bell is November 3rd.

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