Korean Line of Android Action Figures Ready for all Sorts of Action



The Koreans seem to have a zany sort of affection for our favorite little green man. Don’t believe me? Check out these commercials, and while you’re at it this one too. Now check out this lineup of Android action figures complete with all sorts of accessories to make this robot do just about whatever you want. Androidski looks to be available through several sources including SK Telecom, KT, and LG U+ with each carrying different bits and pieces to build up an imaginary Android world. This set is a bit more playful than the vinyl dolls we have seen from Dead Zebra, check out an unboxing in the video below.

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  1. They should have placed an Apple in front of that first one with the chompers.
    You can’t make action figures out of apples….

  2. Do they have an English website?

  3. I Know what CyanogenMod is getting fro Xmas……

  4. Do want!

    Bah, English site under construction.
    I wonder if they ship overseas?

  5. This is just silly. I find this to be the type of behavior exhibited by “fan boy” types. You know the ones. Those who put stickers all over their cars, wear the same clothes as the CEO of the company, and scoff at everyone who DOESN’T have one, citing they just can’t afford it. I hate to see elitism on display with such pettiness.

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