Motorola FlipOut Now Available at AT&T


fllipoutWe told you on Friday that the Motorola FlipOut would be available on Sunday, October 17th. Time to check your calendars little boys and girls, so you can start Flipping Out if you were waiting impatiently for the Motorola FlipOut to arrive on AT&T.

We provided our own hands-on first impressions at CTIA:

Summarizing – if you want a cool, quarky phone with a decent keyboard then the FlipOut might be for you – especially if you’re between the ages of 13 and 19. This just seems like a QWERTY built for the teen market.

Time to whip out your wallet… or ask mom and dad to whip out theres: $79.99 for those keeping score at home.

[Via AT&T]

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  1. It will go nowhere because ATT doesn’t promote their Android phones

  2. This thing looks like a high-end feature phone :/

  3. Wow this phone looks great. This phone is unique I like it.

  4. Lovely. Another mid-range phone from AT&T. Yawn.


  6. screw MOTO!!

  7. I beg to diff. screw AT&T.

  8. Screw both! Lol!

  9. Just what I’ve been waiting for-w my shortcomings!

  10. I dont know why everyone is bitching! Its obviously aimed at the young teenage crowd!(they say so in the vid you idiots!) If youre an avid android user and I catch you carrying this then Im gonna slap you and make you my bitch!

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