Is This the Droid You’re Looking For? (Moto Contest)


Motorola knows it is, and they want to give you one. A contest started yesterday and entry simply requires a contestant to retweet a tweet that Motorola blasted out yesterday morning.

Some information to marinate on:

Good luck to everyone who participates!

[via Facebook]

Tyler Miller

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  1. you mean CDT or CT (at least the rules got it right)?

  2. Nothing better to do, alok?

  3. I thought they were supposed to sell out of it almost immediately?

  4. Marinate?

  5. Funny how Alok corrects the author of this post and turns around and spells “they” wrong! Now that’s good comedy right there.

  6. Sad. I am located outside of the USA…
    Dislike motorola.

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