[Update] Angry Birds is Free, & It’s Out!


Just as we expected to wake up to, Rovio has released Angry Birds. Many of you woke up excited to find an email directing you to download it from GetJar and couldn’t wait to send us an email right after your morning of light reading. Trust us, we feel your excitement. And just as we expected, there is a paid version coming that does away with those ads. Rovio’s decided to go this route “due to the state of the Android market.” I don’t blame them: trying to make money on Android is no easy feat. Users seem lethargic when it comes to purchasing apps in the Android market compared to folks on iPhone or Symbian, but we’ve already gone over this.


They also want users in every country to be able to enjoy the game as Android still doesn’t support paid applications in many countries. Finally, they have to deal with fragmentation so they don’t want to force users to pay for something that doesn’t work right. A lot of factors went into their decision to make a free offering alongside a paid offering (coming later today), and I’m glad Rovio handled it as carefully as possible.

But you really don’t care about why they did that stuff, at this point. What you care about are those damned green pigs that stole your army of birds’ eggs. Go get ’em starting with a download from GetJar. (Android market support coming within 24 hours, says Rovio.)

PS: Don’t try to go to their site right now – way too many people are trying to connect. That’s how big this release is.

[Update]: You’ll have to grab the .APK courtesy of GetJar, for now. The problem with that is that the amount of users now trying to get Angry Birds from GetJar is bringing their servers to its knees, too. We just want sweet revenge for our birds. Please allow us to exact that revenge soon, Rovio!

[Update 2]: And just as we expected, Angry Birds can now be found in the Android market. This should be your first-stop shop for the game as GetJar’s servers have been unbearably icky due to all of the traffic. And the market is just a better option overall. So go get it!

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  1. The apk actually started downloading onto my phone, but I cancelled it because my phone even said it would take 12 hours! Its only 12MB.

  2. And then the site went down. Who knows how long it will be unavailable.

  3. Getjar obviously wasn’t prepared to handle the downloads for this app…sigh. :(

  4. How come its not showing up in the market for me?

  5. Downloaded it from getjar earlier – excellent game – hardly noticed the ads.

  6. Not available on DX?

  7. I was able to download the file but can’t open it.

  8. Why can’t I see this game in the android market yet? Is this game only limited to 2.1 users or 2.2? I have 1.5 does this mean I am not able to view or purchase this in the Android market?

  9. I still can only see the beta in the market.

  10. Does anyone have a mirror or something?

  11. I’ve been trying to dl it from getjar since I got the email at just after 7:00am EST. I suppose everyone else who got the email did the same thing. 150 levels! COOL! Can’t wait until I actually get it.

  12. haha, I also tried right at 7:00am EST and unable to download. Im going to scour the net and try to find a lucky user that maybe posted the .apk. lol

  13. I think the .apk in Market is the same as the one on GetJar…even though it says “beta” in Market. Here’s why: Both .apk have the same file name: AngryBirdsLite_1.3.5_lite_beta2.apk

    any thoughts on that?

  14. I only see the beta in the market. I’ve got the file from Getjar though :D

  15. It doesn’t show up in Cyanogen!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!

  16. I don’t know what phone the author was using. Only the beta showed up in the market for me. It stated in the email I received that Angry Birds wasnt on the market yet, but could be downloaded from getjar. I assume everyone got the same email that I did who signed up. Oh well, ill try it later. I know there are thousands of people right now trying to dl it, getting the “page temorarily unavailable” notice, and immediately trying again because they have no sense. Oh well, its out there, I’ll get it later today or tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

  17. Only see the Beta still. I’m using a Moto Droid.

  18. Here you guys go. The full free version up’ed to megaupload. Please reup for other users. I think megaupload has a download limit.

  19. Worked and ran well the first time on my EVO. So far hasnt crashed like the previous version.

  20. I downloaded it from getjar. Works fine, i would actually consider buying it – but i can’t because the paid Market is not available in my country. Of course MarketEnabler is a solution, but…

  21. You’ll only see the beta in the market because it’s NOT in the market yet, just like the email said. Getjar is the only spot to get it right now, if the site comes back up that is.

  22. It’s essentially the same as the “leaked” one yesterday. Thankfully, whatever adblocker I have built into my ROM has kept mine ad-free so far. I will buy the full no-ads version as soon as it is available but popups in-game are not acceptable.

  23. 12 MB?!? That’s a whole lotta angry birds for my non-froyo phone. I’ve got to make room somehow.

  24. I don’t like getjar demanding my mobile number

  25. I finally managed to download it from getjar. Just keep trying the download link. It eventually worked for me. Just make sure the apk is actually 12.2MB other wise the download ended prematurley. Runs pretty smooth so far, at least on the first couple levels.

    I think it installs to the SD card because it shows as 1.88MB in my system memory.

  26. @ nuprotocol thanxs got it…..

  27. Here is a Direct link thats on my server, No limits, very fast.

  28. Awesome, another story about Angry Birds.

  29. @nuprotocol thanks. works fine on Vibrant.

  30. Ummm, i dont understand what this release is, its been available for download on the android market for more than month now. I saw this an thought it was the full release version. Whats the big deal with this article and news?

  31. Thanks for all the mirrors!!!

  32. Think this is the release candidate. And it’s working great on my sprint hero running cm6 release version.

  33. Do you people not read the articles? The number of comments here that say “I can’t see it in the market” are mind-numbing.

  34. I commend them for the route they are taking: offer ad-supported free version, get bug reports for any problems on the differing phone hardware out there, resolve those problems and finally release the no-ad paid game on Market! I will definitely buy the paid version when it’s released – they deserve it for the effort they are putting into making their game work well on Android. How many other games developers bother to do this? By the way, my sister has just completed all *230* levels on her iPhone. The fact that the ad version has only 150 levels makes me wonder if the extra 80 levels will be the incentive to get people to buy the paid version.

  35. Thanks for the MegaUpload mirror. Much appreciated!

  36. GAH! Virtual blue balled! Had it 64% downloaded and then it aborted!

  37. Thanks Mitchell!!

  38. People… it’s NOT in the android market yet. you must download from getjar or one of these other fine people that are mirroring it for you. If you would have read this article that you are commenting on, you would realize that.

  39. Excellent. We need more fully finished and well polished games like this. Most games in the market right now look like they were rushed through. However, if more studios and indie devs begin investing on Android gaming we’ll have plenty to choose from.

  40. @arturo it has loads more levels and a full fledged game, the app you have seen for a month was the beta

  41. People: Quit downloading it so I can! This is going to take all day…. Nevermind, its going now, thank you

  42. nonono … their internet connection is total crap. The partial downloads bog the server down more than anything. They should replace their ISP!!

  43. Luckily I managed to grab it from GetJar juuuust before the news hit, thanks to some helpful comments on the beta version in the Market. Haven’t played it yet, mind.

  44. It’s a little jerky at times on my Hero, but else it’s banging! :D

  45. used the link vyperstrike posted and it worked and downloaded quickly… Looks awesome! haven’t actually played yet, but over 100 levels….AWESOME

  46. Why the hell is it not in the Android Market. Google has the capacity to cope with such high demand. Putting it on getjar is a ridiculous idea when saying it is now released. Surely some forthought would have alerted them to the number of potential downloads they would get. If it’s not in the market, due to waiting for verification or something, then don’t say it is released until it appears in the market. School boy error I have to say.

  47. On their email it states it’s for 2d generation android devices only and doesn’t support QVGA display resolution.

  48. I’ll wait and pay for this app. Hey if I like the app I’d gladly buy it and support the dev so they’ll make more great apps.

    Those saying its not in the market didn’t read the article.
    Check this line from the article.

    “A lot of factors went into their decision to make a free offering alongside a paid offering (coming later today), and I’m glad Rovio handled it as carefully as possible.”

  49. People need to learn to read….. I find their lack of reading skillz disturbing.

  50. Is the one available for download from the market not an official version or something? I downloaded it this morning just fine and it plays just fine…

  51. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the mirrors, guys!

  52. Not allowing me to install it. Anybody have any tips? (I do have the unknown sources box checked)

  53. @Alexander – Amen, brother. LOL!

  54. BIG thanks for the mirros guys and gals!

  55. @Mitchell thanks. The d/l took seconds, and the .apk works fine!

  56. Just downloaded from the mobile site, works like a charm.

  57. This is great the app is free, even though it’s got ads.
    Can’t wait to start slaughtering me some swine! :)

  58. Their website is unavailable as mentioned above and after going to their mobile site on my phone, it’s unavailable also. There must be millions trying to d/l this game! Wow!

  59. Using a mirror… shoulda turned on WiFi to accelerate the process a bit, but it works.

    My only concern is that since it’s off-market, will it poll me to update it when updates roll out?

  60. Angry Birds broke the internet…lol

  61. Awesome. Not only have we wrecked GetJar, but as well. Hats off to you, Android users!

    I read on the forums that the full version will be released in the Market tomorrow.

  62. No word about market “later today” or paid version “today”.
    As far as I can tell from the email from Rovio:

    “Angry Birds available for Android

    After an extended period of beta testing, Rovio is proud to present Angry Birds for the Android platform. First of all, we’d like to thank you for your patience.

    Why is Angry Birds free on Android? We want to make Angry Birds available for as many people as possible. Previously, many people were experiencing problems in finding Angry Birds on Android Market, but now everybody can download the game on their device.

    Angry Birds will run on second generation Android devices and upwards, with Android platform 1.6 or later. Your device needs to support OpenGL ES 2.0. QVGA display resolution is not supported currently, but we will add support for QVGA devices soon.

    Angry Birds Android features mobile advertising. A future update will include the option to purchase and opt out of advertisements.

    To get the game now, you can download Angry Birds on your device for free exclusively from GetJar ( It will soon be available on the Android Market and Motorola SHOP4APPS, free of charge as well.

    We have worked long and hard to ensure that Angry Birds gives the best possible experience on Android, and we believe we have reached our goal. We welcome our fans to see for themselves and have fun playing Angry Birds!”

    1. @Chris on Twitter, they said it’d be hitting the Android market within 24 hours in response to one of their users.

  63. Thanks @Mitchell, awesome speed!

    Mitchell wrote on October 15, 2010

    Here is a Direct link thats on my server, No limits, very fast.

  64. Thanks Quentyn. I wanted to verify at their site, but alas, it is down as well. :)

  65. Thank Mitchell! Downloaded in less than 20 secs via link. Droid X-FTW

  66. Chris S, that link doesn’t work.

  67. my mistake…sorry….it does work! Thank you sir!

  68. I got it from the apk and it works great :) samsung vibrant

  69. I’ve tried downloading this from a few different sources and it will not install on my Captivate. Any suggestions?

  70. Now available in Android Market.

  71. Read the whole article folks….it won’t be available on the Market until later today. You have to try GetJars site, if it’s up, or any number of links posted.

  72. Downloaded from mirror, installed on HTC Aria, having trouble getting back to work now! Thanks Rovio!

  73. only the lite beta version is avail on the Market at the moment…

  74. my bad….I just refreshed and it’s there now. Sorry for the confusion!

  75. @ToastnJam
    That mirror site works great!

  76. easy peasy lemon squeezy: download to your computer from getjar, plug in your phone via usb, transfer the file to sd card, use an app from the android market called “installer” (allows easy install of non-market apps from sd card), use the “installer” app to open angry birds. i’m playing it right now!

  77. I downloaded from the market and the downloaded completed 100% and then nothing happened, no install like normal. Weak.

  78. It’s on the Market now . Guys !

    Pick it up !

  79. and the FULL version . That is

  80. its in the androud mkt now… evo 4g

  81. sry i see update #2 now, thanks for keeping us up on the happenings phandroid!

  82. Just found it in the Market. Downloading now. Excellent!

  83. For some reason it wont install on my Mytouch 3g. Im running stock 1.5 after unrooting waiting for the Froyo OTA update… uhhhhh

  84. Here’s another mirror:

  85. @Don3- I think you need to be at least running 1.6 for it to work.

  86. My only way to support the devs right now is clicking ads, ad click per level!

  87. There’s no problem downloading it from the Market now. 3 of us here at work just downloaded it with no problems, so there probably isn’t a need for anymore mirror sites. It sure was crazy this morning though watching everyone scramble to pick up this app. I imagine there are a few thousand people right now playing Angry Birds at their desks.

  88. Works fine on DROID 1

  89. np fellas!

  90. my sister said it isn’t showing up in the market for her captivate

  91. I’m running it on the sprint hero, anyone has problem where the mud structure is showing in white?

  92. @son- i have noticed the same thing on my (sprint) samsung moment. been playin through it. but still really annoying. I dug into the apk to see if there was some image i could change, but to no avail… i think the necessary image files are missing?
    just to put it out there, my version is from one of the mirror sites somewhere above… no idea if the market version is different.

  93. @squiddy20

    Same thing here on the sprint samsung moment. I got it straight from the market too.

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