Flash 10.1 Downloaded Over a Million Times


It was bound to happen, but today’s the day – Flash 10.1 has been downloaded over one million times in the Android market, says Adobe. It was an interesting ride going from the moment that Flash for Android was rumored up until the point where it was finally released, but they’re finally starting to see the fruits of their labor. While I can’t say I rely on Flash in my day-to-day life, I can’t imagine many others don’t.


As more and more content is geared toward the mobile user, popular Flash-heavy sites – such as sites delivering up games or video – are adapting to the smartphone, and Android’s adaptation has been the most beautiful implementation of the experience yet. There are still some issues that need to be worked on, of course, but like we all say – it’s better to have a choice to have it than to be outright denied. Congrats, Adobe.

[via ZDNet]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Flash on Android sucks eggs. Sure it is way better than no flash on iPhone, but let’s call a turd a turd.

    It’s basically unusable for anything that requires more navigation than a simple click.

    It’s 10Mb, it’s free, and yet the dbags at Adobe won’t turn on app to sd card, so not only is it a turd, it’s a huge unflushable floater of a turd.

    I do use it when I find that other Android Apps are so sucky that the better alternative is some horrible flash app that actually works.

    Case 1: The android app for bandwidth speed testing is slow and crappy and takes up space. The better way to test and just about as accurate is to use a standard web flashed based test like the kind dsl reports hosts.

    Case 2: Crappy Clearwire keeps their precious radio streams hidden and unavailable to radio apps that work like radiotime and streamfurious. Instead they force you to use iheartradio which doesn’t work is unreliable and just crashes. The better way to stream some clearwire hate radio is to visit the hate radio station’s website and press “listen now” which runs an ad-ridden crapapp that works better on Android than Crapwire’s iheartcrapradioandcrapradiocrapsonme app.

    The whole user experience is shit.


  2. Funny…. no such d/l in market…. keep j/o-ing ppl

  3. You can set the plugin to only load when you press it.

    I prefer it that way.

  4. @just me, it probably doesn’t show in the market because you aren’t running froyo, your phone won’t handle flash as-is, or you are using a ROM that keeps it from appearing ( for whatever reason bugless beast 0.4 with bartl3by’s patch brings it up, but flash doesn’t show up if you’re running bb0.5, I have no idea why, it was built on FRiGgin’ 22D)
    Of course, you can just download the .apk for flash and install it yourself.
    I don’t know what kind of phone you have, just because you have a stock froyo, doesn’t mean you are getting flash,just like 2.1 didn’t mean you were getting live wallpapers; some phones just couldn’t handle it (my touch,eris,hero,etc.) Of course, there is the root and/or .apk option.

  5. @Jerry,

    if flash sucks for you, it’s cause your phone sucks. I use it on my overclocked Droid 1 and I like having it. Just today I was on some pages that had embedded flash video and I was able to watch them just by clicking on them (load on demand). Flash rox. It’s awesome to have the option


  6. That’s over 9000!!!!

  7. over one million downloads. is that first time downloads or does it include updates as well?

  8. That’s over 1 million uninstalls! Wow!

    Just kidding! =P

  9. Don’t see it in the market with my vibrant. Guess I’m not missing much.

  10. I have it running on my G2 and it really kicks ass! I absolutely love being able to see websites the way they were supposed to be seen.

  11. I’ve created a few sites that are mobile optimized and tested with 10.1 on an HTC Evo. The performance is excellent. Unfortunately a lot of flash based content out there was created for desktop screens and desktop processors. If only there was a lot of new content out there people would see how good it really is. Designers and developers shouldn’t turn their back on it because of Apple’s campaign to kill it on mobile devices. But unfortunately that is what is happening.

  12. тлоо рморм роимрои ои

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