Motorola Outs List of Droid X’s Issues After Upgrade to Android 2.2


Motorola’s not keeping quiet on the mound of issues that have piled up since they’ve released the upgrade to Android 2.2 for the Motorola Droid X on Verizon. They hear you, and they’re working to get this small-looking but pretty big list of issues fixed up in the near future. Let’s take a look at what some of these include:


  • Stuck on Moto logo after reboot – this was tough on a few owners. Very sorry about that. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release. If you are still experiencing this issue, click here.
  • Random rebooting – while there always seem to be new conditions that can cause an electronic device to panic, we do have improvements coming that address and eliminate identified panic states. They will be distributed in a future software release.
  • WiFi connection and stability – improvements in WiFi have been developed, to address several problem areas. They will be distributed in a future software release.
  • Battery Manager “force close” errors – under some circumstances, pressing the battery icon under Menu > Settings > Battery Manager results in a forced close error. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release.
  • Media won’t play – includes “sorry the player does not support this type of audio file,” custom ringtone stop working, video won’t play, etc., until after a reboot. We believe we have identified the cause of these errors. A fix has been developed for this and should eliminate the problem. It will be distributed in a future software release.
  • Music files cutting off the final four seconds or so – a solution has been developed. It will be distributed in a future software release.

And we’re sure this isn’t even half of the full list of issues (that’s not a knock on Motorola, it’s just a reality of technology – things have bugs.) Be sure to head over to Motorola’s Support forum to report any issues you run into so they can document and investigate them.

[Motorola via AC]

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  1. Does anyone know if this is because they’re fudging with android to make motoblur or is that a general handset issue?

  2. Ninja Blur should be on this problem list.

  3. I think it’s a 2.2 Froyo issue as noted in the title. Which is why there’s such a long delay getting 2.2 out for other phones. Like many of these updates, they rush them to market before making sure their completely bug free and this is what you end up with.
    This is why I refuse to update or root my phone. I like to wait until these updates have been out for awhile and people have confirmed their working fine.

  4. “Media Wont Play” is a problem on my Droid 1, so that one isn’t caused by blur.

  5. I have a Nexus One and never had these problems! So, it is not a Froyo issue!

  6. Things have bugs… I can only think in thing like “apples”

    mega lol!

  7. What about the Google Search lag? It still isn’t fixed.

  8. I have the media problem. It requires me to reboot once a week. Otherwise my rooted droid x hasn’t had any other problems.

  9. Has to be blur as the Incredibles my kids have have no issues with Froyo.

  10. Motorola keeps screwing around with Android and they will keep doing so… I have seen the weirdest bugs in Motorola phones since the Droid 1, Droid 2, Droid X… let’s not even mention the Cliq and Cliq XT… they make very good, quality hardware though.

  11. Funny, I just talked to VZ Tech Support this morning about how You Tube doesn’t play anything on my Droid 1. They asked me to take out battery and reboot and now it works fine. Wonder what made it hang up in the first place?

  12. @ heroid007….not all Froyo 2.2 releases are created equal. This is why 2.2 isn’t released at the same time on all makes and models. It IS a Froyo issue because they released 2.2 to the Droid X before making sure all the bugs were worked out.

  13. My nexus one with froyo 2.2.1 has never seen any of these problems.

  14. This is why we need vanilla and/or standardization across the entire platform. The skins/mods should be built on top of Android like LP or ADW.

  15. This is exactly why Google should have continued building a vanilla Android, Flagship device. I love my Nexus One but it will need to be replaced some day and I hate the thought of having to buy something with a crappy overlaying software on it.

  16. Is what you get when you put 2.2 out prematurely I suppose, not sure if I’d rather be on 2.1 without issues or 2.2 with issues on my Epic…I think I’ll take 2.1 without issues and be patient for a solid 2.2 on galaxy S line.

  17. Well, like many of these updates, they rush them to market before making sure their completely bug free.

  18. @ToastnJam I highly doubt if there is a such thing as Droid X Froyo! Motorola takes AOSP code and builds on top of it! The basic Froyo is same for all handsets, it just differs how much the OEMs screw with it later on!

  19. You people are amazing. You piss and moan about how long it took to get Froyo then youre mad because there are a few bugs and you scream that they released it too soon.

  20. Wow good thing I installed the un-authorized version. I don’t have any of these issues.

  21. @Nick: well yeah, few bugs :). Like the one i had for 5 months on Moto Milestone, resulting in random reboots, top uptime was around 40 hours.

  22. Motorola, please make it so we can watch iphonemoviez.net! EVO, Incredible and Droid1 can watch that site on 2.2 but not Droid X or Droid 2! WTF

  23. I’ve got a Droid 2 and it’s glitchy as well. The calendar widgets don’t work right, the browser freezes and the whole thing just suck overall. Can’t even fix it with a full custom ROM because of eFuse.

    I’m never buying a Motorola phone again. Hello HTC.

  24. I haven’t had any of these issues with 2.2 on my Droid X. Everything seems to work fine.

  25. I have had the Cliq and since then I’ve told anyone interested in Android to not get a Motorola lol. In any case, every time they delay or stop working on an upgrade it’s because of anything that has to do with a blur issue. They should just stop pushing retarded software on us.

  26. I have some of the issues mentioned above like the music file won’t play then songs skip to next one b4 it was over but I love my droid x and with an extra serving of froyo on top!!!!!!

  27. You know what pisses me off about this? The fact that a VZW tech said, “I’ve never heard of anyone complaining about this issue [stuck at M logo on bootup].” Seriously dude? I’m loving my newly rommed DX

  28. Hallelujah…make it happen and clean up the mess.

  29. From the G1 to the N1 to the G2, loving the stock experience, as I am not experiencing these issues. I want to upgrade to a dual core, 4.3 in display, but do not want to be handled by these vendor/carrier overlays

  30. I wish some of you whiners out there would just be happy with what you have! You’re obviously not old enough to remember back when cell phones were bought and used for MAKING PHONE CALLS! This is exactly why I never have and never will work in retail. Because no matter what the concern is, some people will ALWAYS find something to whine and complain about! Get over it already and get a freakin life while you’re at it!

  31. Mycousins always calling me for info bout his phone!! He’s having issues with trying to remove Facebook contacts. Told him to do it through the sync menu and also facebooks sync settings on their app.

  32. Pretty unusual that they would publicize the known issues list. I like that. I hate efuse though–they sure screwed the pooch on that one.

  33. @Nick @Sara Ha ha good ones!

  34. Actually, I’ve seen quite a few publicized “known issue lists” for a number of different phones.

  35. MotoBLUR should be renamed to MOTOBLOWS !!

    Motorola sucks, Period.
    How anyone can claim they make good quality devices is beyond me, they have made nothing but GARBAGE with all their devices!!

  36. It says click here….for the first item on the list..but nothing is clickable

  37. I hope some error which this mobile have it will be resolve soon, then it will be a perfect mobile phone.

  38. Unfortunately Joe public won’t buy the phone if it has a vanilla ROM.
    Marketing 101 – Differentiation.

  39. @Sara

    If I wanted a phone that just made phone calls, I wouldn’t be paying $200 (after discount) for the phone and $30 a month for a data plan. If that is all you want, good for you, but don’t go around griping at others who are having problems with their phones. Those of us that shelled out the money for the phone and service have every right to expect it to work reliably and as advertised.

  40. @Sara,
    It’s a shame the world will never experience the benefit of your wisdom and vast experience in retail. Maybe if we all acted a little nicer “already” you would change your mind? Just think what the world could be like if nobody whined about problems,nobody would have to waste their time fixing things.
    If anyone knows Sara, pass this on to her I doubt if she would visit this site again, she’s got quite a life.

  41. All i know is before the upgrade, my Droid X never got “stuck”. Now I have the need to pull the battery out to reboot my upgraded Droid X to get it to work. It even freezes during phone calls and I can not hang up. This is annoying. Next time this happens, I am going to toss it over the Tobin Bridge. I should have bought an Iphone.

  42. This is exactly why I never have and never will work in retail.

  43. I’m new Android, just got a Droid X. Everything mentioned here is what I’m experiencing and more:

    -Screen Scrolling – swiping/scrolling from screen to screen often results in freezing the screen. It’s a real pain when scrolling contacts or reading articles.

    -Video Shooting – Be shooting video, window pops open saying “connection cannot be made” and then the phone pad appears.

    -Keyboard – clockwork, Ill attempt to type in a Facebook comment field or reply to an email and tap on the field, but the keyboard won’t appear.

    -3G Hotspot – disconnects regularly every 2 minutes, regardless of channel. I’ve contacted Verizon, the channel switch was there suggestion, still no fix. I have the Verizon MiFi, comparing the two. I’ve had the MiFi for 6 months, never an issue & out performs the Droid 3G.

    -WiFi – already noted in article

    -Mobile sites vs full sites – maybe someone can explain. Using Facebook, DX defaults to mobile site. I see in mobile version you can’t upload pic, right? When I switch to full site I can upload a pic, but when I go to say what’s on my mind the keyboard will not open.

    I’ve joined the Motorola Forums, noted my issues, but I was amazed at the number of sarcastic responses, and the posted infighting on a site for folks to get answers.

    I really don’t …..okay, keyboard just froze again……see if can finish. As I was saying, I don’t see this as a Verizon issue, it all appears to be an Android/Motorola issur.

    I was swyping this post, but (LOL) that now stopped working and I’m back to typing.

    Any thoughts?

  44. That’s what happens when you buy an imitation iphone.

  45. I’ve had pretty much all the same problems with my x. Im on my 3rd replacement x that vzw has sent to me. The last one the volume was going crazy adjusting by itself. So #4 replacement is on the way.

  46. i must be the only droid x owner woh has not had an issue i have not caused due to messing with the phone itself, my stock 2.2.1 froyo worked like a dream, my roommate gave me fission 2.3.1 and i have been in love ever since.

  47. I have heard of people having problems with droids sending txts to the wrong people. i don’t have that prob. however my droid X sometimes calls the wrong contact. ill hit the call button for one person and then when they answer its the wrong person.

  48. I have the Droid X, and the battery had died and I plugged it in and it charged over night. The next morning I got up, unplugged it and turned it on, but it’s stuck on the part where it displays the word DROID and turns into the red gear thing (I’m slightly new technology illiterate..sorry), and it just keeps going back onto that sequence — I can’t call it, and then I can’t turn it off, and I’ve tried taking the battery out and waiting a few minutes and putting it back in, but it still does the same thing, and I’m not sure how to fix it..probably should just call the shop..

  49. I bought a Droid X. After several days I noticed the random rebooting. I brought it back to the store where I bought it but they looked at me like I was crazy and took out the battery and reinserted and said, it should be fine now. Less than an hour later it was randomly rebooting. I took it back the next day and they told me I must have gotten a bad one and they gave me another one. This time when I plugged it in overnight to recharge the battery the next morning when I tried to start it up it hung on the Motorola logo. I had one day left to return it so I did. The store gave me a hassle like I was crazy. One guy that worked at the store said, I have one and it works fine. They didn’t want to return it and charged me the restocking fee of %50.00! But I really had no confidence in the phone and from reading this forum I feel like I did the right thing. My big question is why do some have no problem with the Droid x and others like me have the problems listed above? I loved the phone when I first got it. Should I wait for the iphone on Verizon or go to another store to find a Droid X that works? I know some people who have Droid X and it works fine? Why is that? When are the fixes coming out for the issues listed above i.e. random rebooting and freezes at startup?

  50. I am an older user. I am contemplating getting an X since I know several people who love it.
    Is the following a naieve question :
    Why don’t the manufactorers test these devices and fix ALL of the bugs BEFORE they sell them to the public instead of sending out 50 “software releases” to dissatisfied customers at a later date?

  51. I have had the droid x for about three weeks. It’s a nightmare. Email client was a pain to get working, then it just quits being able to send, still can’t fix it. Reboots when I plug it in to charge. Reboots randomly at other time. Sometimes it will mount on my computer, sometimes it just won’t. The camera takes such bad photos I don’t try to use it anymore. Phone freezes during calls and I can’t control the volume or hang up.
    I use my smart phone for business, I had an HTC phone before the X and it was problem free. Now I can’t even email from my phone. I am taking it back to verizon and getting the incredible. I trust HTC. Motorola will never see a dime from me again. The Droid X is garbage.

  52. Well, from reviewing this site, appears folks still have issues. I posted in November, and nothing has improved.

    The newest developments are in line with Xenergy_one above. E-mail just sits when attempting to send an e-mail.

    I’ve been a Verizon user for 12 years and I’m beginning to think this also a Verizon issue. I have the Verizon MiFi. The 1st died after 5 months. My replacement is worst connectivity than DSL on a home network. The power & signal light just blink, but no action.

    I’ve pretty much given up on the Droid X. I do love it’s many features, but if you can use them efficiently, than what is the point?

  53. i have a droid x i got it in dec 15 2010 ok till 2 wks ogo
    i put the phone in accassibility a turn on accessibility then turn on voice readouts OMG the setting lockup the phone lockup call tec 1hr 18m on the phone at verrizon they could not figure out what was wrong they sent me refurbish/warranty phone 4 in the last wk and 1/2 not one of the phone are working right a have video of the phone performance i give motorola a E- and verizon E-
    I’m screaming LEMON :{ :{:{:{

    1. Your post doesn’t even seem like it’s in English.

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