TweetDeck Arrives in the Android Market



Turns out TweetDeck’s recent statistics were teasing more than just a few unreleased devices and the Gingerbread update to Android. The full app is now available free-of-charge in the Android Market for all to download, enjoy, and tweet away. The release appears to be for the most part the same as the most recent beta release of the app, which, by the way, you will want to uninstall before downloading the final release from the market. The new version won’t overwrite the beta and you will be dealing with the confusion of two identical applications. Grab it with the QR below.


[via DroidLife]

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  1. Failed. No matches in the Android Market from my Droid Incredible. What’s up?

  2. Ah, I spoke to soon. Search on Tweekdeck worked. But the qr code above failed for me.

  3. Did they really have to make the redirects to FB Mobile website every time you click on someone’s reply to your stuff? REALLY?

  4. They need better widgets

  5. It does go to FB Mobile site if your in the mention column, if you reply in the home or news feed column depending on how you have your facebook set up you are fine.

    Also, if you install tweetdeck from market it does not install over the beta. You will have two versions in your app drawer, so you might want to delete the beta version first to avoid any confusion.

  6. Tweeting is sooooo GAY!!!

  7. @Handsdown – unless you are using it productively or for education/business…stop following Justin Bieber and you might not feel that way.

  8. @Andy haha! I got your back on that. Its all in how you use it.

  9. I only use twitter to follow android and sports news. I though it was usless when it first came out but then I realized the potential for information consumption!!

  10. Awesome… been waiting for a while for this. Funny, I just decided to grab the beta today and bam it’s live. Bleh… should have never paid for Twitdroid Pro.

    @Eric – Totally agree, I didn’t think much about it until I started getting news BEFORE it was broadcast anywhere else.

  11. Maybe its just b/c I had an ipod touch with iOS’s version of tweetdeck on it………but I dont like this UI very much

  12. keeps starting up by itself. The beta was better. The facebook integration is a major fail now

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