Oct 12th, 2010

TweetDeck likes collecting data. Most companies do, in fact. Not all of them like to share their data, though, but TweetDeck’s just vomited a nice helping of data regarding usage of the Android version of their Twitter client which is still in beta. I’m going to skip all of the boring stuff regarding device and version distribution, but there are a few fun takeaways to be had.

First of all: the HTC Glacier is still out there. At least three people have been using TweetDeck on the device. I’m sure this will make some of our readers (coughKELLERcough) happy, but we still have no idea about the status of this device. All we know is that it’s likely headed to T-Mobile and will be a high-end monster of a cellphone.


The Motorola Droid 2 Global Edition is also still making its rounds. We used to be keen on calling this device the Motorola Droid Pro, but we already know what happened with that. Here are the rest of the obscure pieces of data gathered from their latest report:

  • Android Gingerbread is real, and there’s a substantial amount of people already testing it in the field
  • We’ve all seen YouTube videos with Nokia N900 and HTC HD2 running Android. Now we have proof. 103 Tweedeck Android users had HD2’s, and 6 of them had Nokia N900. There was also one HTC Kaiser user spotted out there, too. What do you know – there still are some people running Android on the good old HTC TyTN II…
  • The rumored uber fast HTC Glacier is also out there in the field, probably undergoing some tests. 3 Tweetdeck users were caught with it
  • While Motorola Droid 2 Global Edition missed the CTIA announcement date, it seems that it is still out there somewhere, and may be announced soon.

Everything else they’ve found can be had at their website.