HTC Desire HD Orders Being Taken by T-Mobile UK


If you’re with T-Mobile UK and have been waiting for the HTC Desire HD, you should know that they’ve opened the floodgates for you to order the device. Tariffs include free on  a two-year, 40 pounds per month contract, free on an 18-month, 45 pounds per month contract, and 320 pounds for 10 pounds month-to-month.


The Desire HD is a spectacle of the device in Europe, if we’re going based on how many users requested a “European EVO.” While it doesn’t don all of the features that make the EVO as unique as it is, the 4.3-inch screen, 1GHz processor, 8-megapixel camera with HD video recording Android 2.2, the latest version of HTC Sense, and more should do well to make the cost of admission worth it. For more tariffs and details on them, make no delay in heading over to their website now.

[via EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Just called them as i’m due an upgrade. Was told that they’re having delays (like all the networks) and don’t have a new date yet. :(
    I Cannot wait for this phone! Have been with Android since the G1 and nothing beats it!

  2. What’s T-Mobile UK’s data allowance like, anyone know? I know back in the G1 days it’s was 1.5GB.

  3. Better deals on Vodaphone, just been into a T-Mobile shop and they won’t get handsets in for a couple of weeks they say

    luckily my mate works for tmobile so I get half price line rental,due an upgrade next month as well

  4. well it was “unlimited” (with a 1gb fair usage allowance). was however one of the companies that didnt charge you if you did go over your 1gb usage. but think now its down to 750mb – can anyone verify that?

  5. I thought android contracts had a 3gb allowance?

  6. I really hope this phones come to the USA. This is a great phone!!

  7. @Eddie Its still 1GB of “fair usage”, just see the link under the plan breakdown.


    You can get 3GB for an extra £5 if you have money to through around…

  8. crikey, for those who dont use that many minutes? they actualyl do a £10 deal for 24 months, 100mins, unlimited txts + internet, just £320 upfront. so thats £560 over the life of the contract…not bad me thinks considering some retailers are selling it for £499 sim free…tho….you have that bloody t-mob bezz on top…urgh…

  9. T-Mobile USA must feel like we Americans don’t like 4.3″ screens or something…

  10. …4.3″ ANDROID screens that is.

  11. @ pimpstrong i with you on that!!

  12. @ Hallo Ween I’m with you on that

  13. Android contracts a have 3gb as standerd and if you also ad the net booster you’ll get an extra 1gb….bucket loads!

  14. i want the z to come to the usa cuz i want sense. i dont really like the g2 unrootability

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