T-Mobile G2 Gets an OTA Upgrade to add WiFi Calling, Tethering


Did your T-Mobile G2 download an update over-the-air this morning? If so, you may have just gotten the oft-requested features of WiFi calling and internet tethering. You can also update Google Goggles, apparently, which should be considered a fix more than a feature. Reports of this upgrade going out haven’t been widespread so it may just be that T-Mobile’s doing a quick test rollout before getting the goods to everyone. If you’ve gotten anything, don’t be afraid to holler and let us know in the comments below!


[XDA via Android Forums]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Please let this update be coming to the Nexus One users on T-Mobile. I really need this since my service is terrible inside my house. Question will this work with text messages as well or is it strictly calling?

  2. I had read or heard somewhere that the supposed date of the OTA would be the 16th of Oct.

  3. Wifi Calling will allow TXT and any other feature to work. The WiFi Calling feature would be no different than if you were on the TMO network. All features will work.

  4. if the 16th is the start of the rollout then they may have lost me. I wish they did 30 day test drives like all the other carriers instead of this lame 14 days. That would be the last day to return it and I’ve been waiting for them to fix tower issues in my area since release day (known issues with towers not working right).

  5. I agree with the Nexus One comment, that would be a great update.

  6. Problem is the Nexus Ones updates all roll directly from Google. Not sure it’ll make it through official channels to the N1 since the N1 has had WIFI tethering this whole time yet all other Android phones on T-Mobile have had it cut because T-Mobile controls them.

    Look for the APK on XDA in the next few days though. I don’t see them not ripping that one out for all phones.

  7. i dont think XDA will mess with the wifi calling since someone actually design this and is selling it to the carriers. if so they mite have some trouble on their hands

  8. i already put a post on xda dev for n1 come check it out xda dev nexus one android dev

  9. yea but they cant copy a companies property that is grounds for a lawsuit the application WIFI caling was design and most likely in some way patton(spell check) XDA can not copy that

  10. So i am on the phone with a T-Mobile Rep and she is under the impression that Tethering for the G2 and Wifi Calling will be released via the Android Market. That was what she heard but of course had not been confirmed. Take it for what you will.

  11. @Justin
    Rep. and Tech support know nothing beside Battery Pull and Factory Reset.

  12. @AndroidToy
    They barely even know that. The people you talk to in the stores don’t even know how to sell their own phones. I asked them a couple questions about the Vibrant when it first came out and they had no clue how to answer my questions. So then they start to make shit up on the spot and it’s obvious they are talking out of their ass.

  13. Yeah i remember walking in to a tmobile store and asking a rep about the g2. and i ended up teaching him. adn he was suppose to be the Android Specialist at the store

  14. Haha I have had the same experiences…. store reps suck at knowing about phones. All they know is how much the different plans are.

  15. You guys crack me up! If you don’t like T-Mobile… Leave! I am a Rep and Tech specialist at T-Mobile and know that we train our people much better than any other carrier. Our award winning customer service proves that! Yes, not everyone can know everything about every phone, but do you? As for “battery pull and Factory Reset”… believe it or not, battery pull or simply turning the phone off and back on solves 85% of the issues. Oh, and as for tethering… you can do that right now.. it’s called “easy tether” on the app market! Have fun!

  16. Well its the 18th where the efff is my OTA update?? o,O

  17. I am on my third g2. Yes, THIRD. I keep having MAJOR glitch issues. Still no update here.

    Also and this is HUGE, I have read that the g2 will be unable to upgrade to gingerbread. Is this true!?!

  18. Jason..you are retarded!

  19. Hello, Mugen Power just released the 1800mAH Extended Battery for HTC DesireZ / T-Mobile G2, 20% more than the stock battery, the bigger size coming soon too!


  20. I finally received the OTA update Sunday. Now my battery won’t last more than 6 hours.

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