Sony’s 46-inch Google TV to Cost $1399, Not $1899?


Sony’s TV line-up with Google TV is being unveiled tomorrow, but a lot of us can’t wait that long. We want details NOW! We may have gotten one big update on their line-up, though, as we’ve learned from SonyInsider that the original MSRP of $1,899 for the 46-inch SKU was a mistake: it’s actually going to be $500 less at $1,399. That’s a significant drop in price and should make these TVs a lot more attractive.


We still have no word on their 24-inch, 32-inch, or 40-inch options, but I think it’s safe to say that those will go even easier on the  pockets. Phandroid will be live at Sony’s event tomorrow where they’ll launch their new products and we’ll be happy to usher along the details when that time comes. Until then, let’s let out some more drool over the Logitech Revue. That should do well to hold us over.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Is it 3D ready LED?

  2. That’s a much better price. Just wish they had something bigger

  3. fI uLove cSont kTVS vWith eGoogle rTV iI zSeriously oCan nNot wWait hFor eThis rTo eCome iOut sAnd tRock hMy eWorld tAll mThe oWay bTo iThe lEast eOf lThe oNorthern vCaucasian eMountains?

  4. Would be nice to know more specs on this, such as 3D capatibility? LED? Width? I/O? TV tech specs?

    I hope they tell all tomorrow

    I would love to have a google tv but if it is not up to par with current TV technical specs, for me, I find it kind of pointless.

  5. Keller, don’t know what Tmo love or verizon has anything to do with this article…
    it’s nice to see the pricing was a mistake.

  6. Now thats a reasonable price. Especially coming from SONY. I may have to reconsider their take on Google TV now.

  7. The price tag screams – LCD. No way I’d grab one even with Google experience. Make it LED and we’re talking…

  8. Can’t wait to get that doing the holidays!!!

  9. @Vlad: I hope that you do know that “LED” TV’s aren’t like AMOLED screens. They use LED’s for the backlight instead of CCFL’s but they’re still LCD TV’s. A big benefit of using LED’s for the backlight being that brightness can be adjusted for the particular scene being shown on the fly.

  10. I almost guarantee that it will not be 3D ready since the 46hx800 which is 3d ready costs around $2000. I’d be surprised if it was even LED. That price is probably MSRP so expect that price to come down over time. But what do I know I just install them not sell them.

  11. Unless you get a “local dimming” LED, rather than edge-lit like most are, the only real advantages it has over a CCFL backlight LCD is less weight/thickness, and a bit better contrast ratio.

    The tradeoff for edge-lit (and most any “LED” TV under $1500 is edge-lit, btw)is “flashlighting” (bright spots on the corners), clouding (uneven, blotchy lighting), and a price premium.

    Long story short, unless you just have to be thin and sexy and want to save a dollar a month in electricity, for now you’re probably better off with a CCFL display.

    This coming from a guy who just bought an edge-lit Samsung LED LCD. I had to be thin and sexy.

    All that said, at $1499 it could quite easily be LED edge-lit. They’re just incorporating the Google interface into existing hardware, Quite a few 2009/2010 televisions have ARM processors in them already, for manufacturer apps, DLNA, CEC, etc.

  12. I agree with croak, but the google interface is enough to sell most of the people and the repalcement life that most have now with televisions now are really higher and very quick, so why would you want anything other than the small version of a t.v. so you can mount it on your wall in the living room. Better contract ratio, I think I would take the trade off ratio personally, but meh that’s just me.

  13. The model number is NSX46GT1. Best Buy currently has some in transit and looks like most stores will care them.

    Looking at the pictures it does look like it is edge lit LED.

  14. Sony TVs are garbage. My buddy bought one from Best Buy a few months ago. After a couple days, it started making loud pops through the speakers and the image would shut off. When he went back to BB they said that it was a well-known problem with Sony TVs and that he would have to buy a software update for it. BUY an update to make a brand new TV work out of the box. Which BB also failed to mention to him when he bought it. Yeah no thanks Sony. I will stick with my LG and put up with an extra box in my entertainment center.

  15. what chip is powering it?

  16. Dumb question…..what makes a TV google?

  17. Alexander, trust me, I’m fully aware what LED TV and LCD TV mean. God, why are Russians such cocky smartarses?

  18. @dave

    First of all the tv is still under manufacturer warranty. Second the firmware updates are free. Third I haven’t heard of any relative problems with sony TVs. Fourth, I can’t see a firmware update fixing a problem like that. Fifth, if it was only a few days old that would still be under the return/exchange policy.

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