Could Best Buy Launch its Own App Store As Well?



Now that it is all but confirmed that Amazon will be pitching their own Android app store to the masses other companies have taken notice, and in response to questioning from the Wall Street Journal Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn said the big box store is open to the idea of entering the mobile apps space. His statement was later clarified by CTO Robert Stephens who confirmed that while Best Buy was indeed considering the new venture it couldn’t be called anything more than conceptual at this point. He also noted that Google has been a partner of the company, implying that they would be sure to be involved in either aiding or stopping any forward movement with the idea.

We have long been familiar with the idea of carrier-centric app stores with Android. For the most part they have been relegated to places that had no support for paid apps, but Amazon’s move will mark the first third party not related to a manufacturer or wireless provider to move into the app retail space. The move sets a precedent that Best Buy is already looking into, and we should expect to see at least a few more tertiary market places emerge over the coming months.

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  1. w00t I love best buy. Free phone fridays every friday in October ^_^ Best Buy mobile for life! The employees know everything!

  2. So the thing I’m not getting about everybody wanting to open an app store is how they think they are going to get developers to their store. I get the feeling this is all being done with a “build it and they will come” mentality. If they aren’t providing a better solution they won’t pick up many devs. And to be honest theres not much wrong with the App Market that sending people through AppBrain won’t fix. Google should just buy up AppBrain anyway.

  3. Ok and then, in like 3 month, all Best buys phones will be preloaded with BestBuy Appstore, without the Android Market. Have fun american consumers.

  4. Great, one more place to send an .apk to when you’re putting out an update for your app.

    Opening up all these stores just seems like a way to make sure that you end up with an out-of-date version of whatever app you’re looking for.

  5. Roan – Your a full blown idiot. No one would “replace” the android market with something like the amazon market or even the purposed bby market.

    Ge smart or get out :/

  6. …what larrythebarry said^

    So now developers will have to update their apps on multiple platforms? Sounds like bad news.


  8. Yeah, I honestly don’t see a need for 5000 app stores.

  9. I’d prefer a single Market where I can find everything.

  10. “Roan – Your a full blown idiot. No one would “replace” the android market with something like the amazon market or even the purposed bby market.Ge smart or get out”
    You are.
    Why Best buy would place on “his” smartphone a store that is far more complete and bigger than his own? Who would go and buy app ( because it’s all about that, you know?) on a lesser store if the Android Market is available?
    And Mme Michu doesn’t even know about Android Market, so don’t sell me the argument that consumer won’t buy BestBuy smartphone if they pull out the AndroMarket.

  11. “I’d prefer a single Market where I can find everything.”


  12. I will never support anything but the Android Market and stock Android.

  13. Death of Android? Long live the iPhone! One market to rule them all.

  14. @Mark:

    I’m apprehensive about these various markets, but I think it’ll depend on if Best Buy has any requirements that the Amazon market will have. Otherwise, it might be little more than a reskin of the Android market, maybe with some categories and “hot deals.”

    The proposal of Verizon’s own market is more of a problem IMO. Amazon might have a certain exclusivity for its market, but it’s not exclusive to particular carriers, as Verizon’s obviously would be. Having multiple markets for apps is not an inherent problem: People are already used to different mortar-and-brick stores.

  15. i would say this i just a rumor. knowing BBM.. the last thing we would want to do is compete against a ally. the android market in my opnion is going to be un matched my any duplicate attempts. tho i do like android markett i phone runs soo much smother than any phone available right now

  16. I agree with the comments above. Even as a Best Buy employee the last thing I want to do is have to check several app stores to find an app.

    @PAX Maybe if you didn’t yell everywhere you went you’d get better service.

  17. I don’t see a need for more than one app store any more than I see a need for my city to have more than one gas station or grocery store.
    The last thing I want to do is worry about which grocery store has diet coke, taco chips and salsa. Even worse I don’t want to be bothered worrying about which gas station sells gasoline.
    Why would we want multiple app stores competing for developers? If Apple has taught us anything it is that developers are a disposable resource but a necessary evil. Evil people who make it possible for others to jailbreak their devices are (gasp!) developers. If Microsoft has taught us anything it is that there should never be any competition. On that thought, Android needs to follow Apple’s lead on having the ONE true device made by only ONE company and sold on ONE network.

  18. And I should add . . . on only ONE app store.

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