Verizon’s Galaxy Tab Launching November 1st [RUMOR]



More information is slowly trickling in about the US release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. After Sprint was pegged with a rumored November 14th launch date and a T-Mobile leak further confirmed the Tab will cost $399 on a carrier contract, insiders are placing the Android slate’s debut on November 1st on Verizon. Now as of now, just about everything but T-Mobile’s pricing is rumor or speculation, but early November seems spot on if the carriers want this one out in time to be a holiday hit. We’re pretty positive the $399 price will stick across the board as it was also rumored for Sprint’s launch.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I am not getting one at that price. They must be out of their mind!!!

  2. These prices are right in line with the iPad prices, so it doesn’t surprise me at all. Anyone who thought it would be significantly cheaper than the iPad was fooling themselves.

  3. $400 w/ contract? Ugh. I’ve been waiting for a decent android tablet in that price range, but I’m not getting locked into yet another contract for however much additional $$$ to get one!

    Give me a wifi-only version that I can tether to my DX… I don’t need (and refuse to pay for) two damn data plans!

  4. @Paul… how are these prices right in line with iPad when you have to be on contract with a data plan? That alone pushes the Tab price above iPad after a few months. If I could a buy wifi-only Tab for $399 with NO recurring contract fees, THEN I’d agree they are in line with iPad prices… and I’d readily buy one.

  5. @Ron … The iPad starts at $499 and has less features. How is $399 in line with the iPad?

  6. @David…..I agree. Best Buy wants $499 for the cheapest non-3G iPad…so it’s a similar price for a Samsung Tab that in my opinion wins in almost every category besides screen size.

  7. @JC and RON:

    $399 plus a $15 (assume limited) data plan. over two years that equals $399 plus $360 in data charges, total is $759.

    The iPad total is $499 over two years.

    It is inline and cheaper than the 3G iPad assuming you get a contract however.

    The problem is, people are seeing, and using these tablets as extensions of their home PCs. not as portable on the spot computers (at least as I see it.) So a non-3G version would be quite welcome and much more successful.

  8. The carriers will sell the Shit out of these.

  9. Samsung, Dell, someone… PLEASE give us an Android pad at $199 that doesn’t need to be tied to a specific carrier! I HAVE a 3G Droid. As noted above, we don’t need yet another contract.

  10. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again… and this is for all those ppl who immediately comment “Hogwash! that’s too expensive – samsung won’t sell any of those at these prices!”

    Um, yeah…riiiight. There will be lines out the door and around the corner… they’ll sell out in mere hours – for sure.

    All the anti-apple geek-wannabe hipsters will be tripping all over themselves to have an alternative to the Pad, and the cost will be the cost…

    Those in the know will lament the deal and laud the hardware, and act all holier-than-thou… meanwhile, Samsung and the carriers will do what they do: laugh at you while they deposit the revenue checks…

  11. People stop whining the Galaxy TAB off contract is about the same price as a 3g iPad. Its like everyday I come on here and more people are whining about being locked into a contract.

    No one is making you sign a contract you can always buy this device no contract for 600 and use it how you wish. With no additional monthly charges.

    And if you think thats too exspensive thats fair too. Just dont buy it. But remember most of the galaxy s phones (as well as the iPhone) run for around 500 full retail. So a larger device costing a hundred dollars more isnt really that suprising. Another thing is how much do you think RIM’s playbook will cost? I bet at least 700.

    Sometimes I swear we Americans are spoiled with all this subsidized pricing.

  12. Amen to josh…. people will pay to play

  13. AND don’t forget this tab has WAAAY more features than the iPad. Features the iPad should have had but doesn’t.


  14. I have a question. I am a Tmobile customer. If the other carriers offer this tab cheaper can I buy it from them ( w/o 3G )even though I am not their customer????

  15. @ Al, You could probably get it from another carrier, with a contract, on their network with monthly payments for their internet services lol.

  16. WOW Cheese,their is always an ass in a group

  17. @ AI

    You can always buy a device from another carrier without a contract and use it just with wifi if you wish. They cant stop you from doing that.

    hope that helps.

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