Sony Ericsson Begins Shipping the Xperia X8



Sony Ericsson has finally gotten around to shipping yet another pedestrian Android offering, this time the Xperia X8. Much in the same vein as the X10 Mini, this handset features Android 1.6 and a custom SE interface. There is, naturally, a promised update to Android 2.1 by the end of the year, but seeing as SE has yet to deliver on promises for their other Android handsets, we’d suggest you not hold your breath.

The phone features a 600MHz processor, 3-inch capacitive HVGA display, and a 3.2MP camera. 128MB of on-board storage provide a basic amount of space for apps and other goodies.

We are still waiting for Sony Ericsson to deliver a truly top-of-the-line smartphone experience with Android, but more and more it seems like their development just isn’t moving at the same pace as the rest of the mobile world. If they do manage to release an Android-based PSP phone, forgiveness will be granted swiftly.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. Lol, is memory so expensive that they now can only provide 128 MB? Or is this their way of differentiating different phone models?

  2. Another SonyEricsson product that puts the company further more down the sh#% hole.

  3. Seems like Sony isn’t even trying to compete in this game at all. Seriously Sony this kind of stuff is a joke and it makes your brand look cheap.

  4. Sony needs to up the game and come out with a high performance PSP phone. I would buy that over anything out today.

  5. Sony need to stop screwing around, they all keeping screwing around.

    Today i saw the commercial for it on norwegain tv,
    “Get the NEW Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, with the NEW Android!”

    WTF, new, deep inside my ass

  6. What Sony needs to do is move up to 2.2 NOT 2.1 cause their slowly behind everyone else. I just got my X10 still don’t have FLASH UPDATE. I love it as much as my PS3 but still Sony step up in high gear and GIVE US X10 OWNERS 2.2.

  7. If they come up with a psp phone, I guess we could forgive their android 1.6 phones…unless the psp phone also comes with 1.6. ughh

  8. sony needs to stop making phones!!they are no good!!the cameras of course are the best but the phone altogether will suck once again!!

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