Samsung Galaxy Tab Launching on Sprint November 14 for $399?



Though Samsung hosted a recent coming-out event for the Samsung Galaxy Tab in New York City, carrier release dates and pricing have yet to be revealed. Enter a new report from BGR citing a Sprint source that claims the Tab should be landing on that network around November 14th at a price of $399 on a two-year contract. Off contract? $599. Not an abhorrent price by any means, but we were almost expecting the on-contract price to be a bit lower.

For that price would you be swayed to get the Galaxy Tab? Or would you prefer to hold off for something better?

[via BGR]

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  1. Without phone capabilities…I’ll pass. I’m not saying that I would use it as a phone, but I can add a line to my shared plan with unlimited data for $20. Just data would be $60. I refuse to pay $720 a year extra when I could tether with my phone or use wifi at home, college, starbucks, or even freaking burger king.

    I will consider the wifi only version, pending the Notion Ink Adam turns to vapor and the price is right.

  2. So it’s more than an iPad? That can’t be good for sales.

  3. This is a NONO

  4. No. Too expensive. If the wifi only version isn’t available off contract for less than $400 this will not fly. It’s smaller than the iPad. If it’s not at least a bit cheaper too, people won’t go for it.

  5. no it is not more than an iPad! the _cheapest ipad is $500 (i round up) It is wifi-only and it does not have 3G! ipad also only has 16G of non-expandable storage! ipad does not have an *SD slot.

    this has 3G (and if rumors are right 4G too!) and wifi, and a micro?SD slot that can handle 32G.

    the galxtab is also 7″ which is a much nicer size. (imho)

    I’d buy it. (without contract) and tether as needed.

  6. clarification: i should have said it is not more than the _equivalant) ipad. (32G+3G is ~$700)

  7. Yeah, the off contract price should be $449 (16gb or $549 (32gb) to compete with the iPad which is larger and considered “the” tablet to beat. At these prices I can’t see it doing well.

  8. Trash, this is why you dont get into the tablet/Pad race without taking care of your Cellular line first. 2.2 software without phone capabilities and skype doesnt work on the galaxy S line right now so….NOPE!!!! Think ill pass

  9. No thanx Samsung I’ll just keep using my Vibrant to do all but one thing that this does. The ONLY way that this thing will succeed is if you sell a wifi only model and it has got to cost equal to or less than the iPad’s cheapest version.


  10. I’ll buy it. I have an iPad and I love it but real multitasking wins every time in my book.

  11. If it had phone capabilities (like it does in the rest of the World) … I would buy it on Sprint, to get the Unlimited Data ($69.99 with 450 minutes).

    No Phone … and 5G of Data for $59.99 … no thank you!!!

    FYI … thought it would be $299 with Contract : (

  12. I completely agree with @nodnarb, I’d buy this without contract from T-Mobile assuming the same price.

    The form factor is so much better than the new iPad. For example, the new Kindle is much smaller and also a better form factor.

  13. Too much for a “device” that will require a 2-yr contract. That should be the full retail price.

  14. 600 USD without contract? Wow! o2 here in Germany announced it for 759 EUR (ca. 1060 USD). Just a nice 75% premium… FML (with L being “location”)!

  15. 2 year contract? AHHEHAHEHEHEHE!!! They make me laugh!

  16. Honestly.. they are making these tablets too expensive. The ipad is way too much for its specs. And now the galaxy tab is putting their prices higher cause they have more than the ipad??

    I understand the ipad is 500.. cause they wouldn’t be able to sell their itouch.. but this galaxy tab has nothing to worry about. They put no competion in the tablet. Galaxy tablet should have been $400 wifi only.

  17. $600 for an off-contract one with 3G? That *should* put the WiFi only version price at between $450 and $500. I’ll bite at that price point. It’s also entirely possible that 3G option on-contract is priced such so that it’s identical to the WiFi only option, which would be even nicer.

    Either way, I’m really looking forward to this little gem, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Google TV is already pre-ordered, my Galaxy Tab will complete my Android lineup for this holiday year! Thank you Samsung!

  18. Just wait early adopters. The tablet market hasnt settled down to price wars yet. But it will…

  19. Kiddos & uneducated trolls,
    I don’t want to comment in these non sense comments by drones and fanboys but im compelled to do so.
    I seen a lot of kids who said that even it has everything your asking for in a tablet like the samsung tab, it should not be more expensive than apple ipad, that’s the most stupid remarks I ever read.
    Kiddos and morons, samsung is not a small company who can’t price their product as it should be. How many products apple have now? Even 1/4 can’t reach samsung in terms of reach all over the world. In my 50 yrs of life-Ive been in asia, europe, africa, australia, north america & south america and all those places have samsung products even its in the far flung areas. Ask them if they know apple, they will tell you the fruit not a product we know. Right now, almost all electronics from tv to computers to cars to ships to airplane has samsung parts on it. That even insurance, banking, clothing, constructions of building & bridges, heavy equipment, small appliances, almost everything you can see in the market-samsung- they have it. Even the apple products has almost 50% content-parts from samsung, do you think if samsung has no great technology, apple will be successful? As my chinese engineer friend said to me, if not by foxconn & other small electronics company from china & samsung, where’s apple now? They will just design their product (apple), call those parts manufacturer (ex. Samsung) then drop ship to foxconn(manufacturer) then send here to usa. Unlike samsung that almost 90% of the parts-made by them! Then they own the manufacturing facility in korea like the one who made the all galaxy s, then other appliances & electronics are made in other countries but they still own those facilities, how about apple-they don’t own it… So, are you proud that all apple products made by chinese-design by apple, I’m not proud…
    But asians are more prouder as they manufactured everything from raw material until it will be ship to us.
    This fanboyism towards apple is too much, its irritating… Because even those big companies from asia, europe or any other countries who make electronics, if its not made by apple they will castigate it like no tomorrow.
    I have mac book pro but I love my fujitsu for durability & dependability especially if I’m travelling overseas because it was made in japan with much higher quality than apple-foxconn.
    They are saying iphone 4 has better camera than any smartphone but my almost 4 yrs. Old nokia n95-1 that I bought from hongkong has better camera in terms of clarity and sharpness. But I have more better camera that I’m using when I’m going somewhere, then I use galaxy s-epic right now but I’m waiting for nokia phones with meego, because they have great build structure than any company.
    People you are blinded by apple propaganda, wake up!!! Apple is a great designer & marketing company but NOT a great manufacturer of electronics, because they didn’t made it.
    If all their supplier and manufacturer stop helping them what will happen to them, they will sink like a boat but samsung even without those 10% small companies who are helping them, they can still survive as they have almost 30,000 young & old engineer in their fold working every single day to develop more products. They have village now that only for their wireless technology from young to adult that they mold for the future, has apple doing that? no! Because I worked with them before, steve jobs has no long term plan but samsung has. Do you see what they are building now in their main headquarter, more research & development facilities for young & coming engineers from new generations , but apple is just like any other company-they will hire you when you apply or pirated you if your good from other company,a typical company with no long term plan unlike the korean,japanese or other asian countries that from your childhood they will take care of you & make you the best asset for the future.
    Inside hardware of samsung galaxy tab is way better than ipad,ipad is just nothing to compare because samsung made almost 50% of their parts, then when they made their own tablet – they install better cpu,gpu,bluetooth 3.0,dual camera with flash,dlna,gorilla glass, impt. sd card slot, ports & there’s more that you can’t find from ipad. If ipad has all of this do you think, steve jobs the arrogant & flamboyant person will be ok with the price of $599 only? I don’t think so-he will price it to a $1000 or more, but you will see fanboys defend & say because its apple, for god sake its just a name-it can’t build you mansion & make your dick big.
    This makes me feel mad & also feel sorry for those morons and stupid people that keeps on saying because of applications that’s why apple is better… Because the applications can give you airplane, an island or anything you can ask for?
    I’m sick & tired of these people and I hope they will wake up now & don’t love to much a brand that is only sexy & appealing without real great parts inside with expensive price.
    Thanks & god bless you all….

  20. Looks like the Ipad will continue to dominate until someone can come up with a lower-priced alternative.

  21. just fyi sprint requires a 2 year contract but allows you to get a full on discount after a year, which makes this a good thing

  22. i hate apple!!no ipad for me!!id rather go with this,even though it isnt better!!

  23. Why would anyone want to make a phone call on a giant tablet? you already have a phone that can do calls. Tablet is what you use for data, spreed sheets emails. Just leave it at that.

  24. I will buy the next iPad, Chrome/Chromium tab/ or Gingerbread Tab. I will not purchase a 2.2 tab, especially since Google execs have stated that 2.2 is not optimized for a tablet and it will not have the Market Place. It is a handicapped device until the right optimization is in place. I am really interested in the Notion Ink ADAM.

  25. @GingerBreadMan

    Have you ever wondered if google execs say that because they want to promote Chrome for tablets and computers while mainly promoting Android for mobile phones??

    I dont know, but it just seems odd that google would say 2.2 isnt really meant to be on a tablet, yet they not only allow it to be but also give these same tablets access to the android market place.

    Just a thought.

  26. P.S.

    By the way the ADAM tablet is very sexy. But one has to wonder if it will ever see the light of day and if it does how it will hold up considering its being manufactured by a new and relatively unknown company.

  27. The ADAM looks really nice hopefully it will get made and wont just be vaporware. I don’t see the point on purchasing a tablet till v3.0 is released assuming it is developed to also support tablets. I will be waiting and seeing if HTC and Moto tablets materialize. The wife will be getting an iPad through her school so I can wait.

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