Oct 8th, 2010

amazon-logo (1)

The Wall Street Journal is reporting, just as we all figured after a leaked distribution agreement, that Amazon is indeed launching their own Android app store, and it could be coming much sooner than expected. As soon as the end of the month, that is, according to sources talking to All Things Digital. Amazon is currently putting in the final work for the app store and drumming up developer support, even with a ruleset in place that requires certain exclusivity when releasing an app for the new marketplace.

Certain hurdles are in place that would prevent older apps from simply being ported over to the new market and sold. Apps couldn’t be sold at a lower price on other markets and wouldn’t qualify if they had been released for an extended period of time on another distribution platform. How this will work in light of the long-standing Apple App Store and Android Market is yet to be seen. Google is known to be making some major tweaks, if not a full overhaul, to the Android Market concurrent with the release of the next iteration of the OS, so time will tell how Amazon’s take fares.

[via All Things Digital]