PrivacyStar Updated to Include SMS Blocking



If you have that annoying ex with a penchant for drunk dialing, a stalker, or someone you plain just don’t like PrivacyStar has had you covered, that is if those people only left their pestering to calling you. But now their Android app has been updated to include SMS blocking to go along with their call blocking service, further protecting your privacy and/or sanity. You can also set a “Do not disturb” message, set the app to block whole groups, and configure the service to block anonymous or unknown numbers. So if you have a need to rid yourself of any of the above, download the latest version in the market now.


[via DroidLife]

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  1. Not work 2.99 a month imo (after your 7day free trial of course)

  2. I figure if you get THAT many unwanted calls/txts, maybe it’s time to change your number.

  3. this is redundant, an android device has apps and software that keep you in full contact with friends and family. now this, i dont see many ppl paying for this, im out

  4. For those of us who use our phones for business, this is a fantastic tool.

    You can’t change your number on a whim when it’s printed on your business cards

  5. $2.99 is a bit too much

  6. I meant $2.99 a month!!!

  7. @flatline “redundant” means that the app in question would be exactly the same.

  8. There are already a number of apps that do most if not all of this either for free or for a token one time purchase price. Google Voice already offers some of these features for free (and with native integration) and TCall Blocking does much of this for a one time fee.

    $2.99 a month is MAJOR FAIL.

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