CherryPal Announces 7-inch Android 2.1 Tablet for $188



While the world of high-end (and therefore high-priced) Android tablets is on the verge of popping off, it’s good to see there are still a few companies devoted to the low-end, dirty and cheap slates using Google’s OS. The CherryPad America is a 7-inch, Android 2.1 tablet made on the cheap to provide consumers with an affordable device to smudge up on the go. Specs include a resistive touchscreen at 800×480 resolution, an ARM11 CPU clocked at 800MHz, 256MB RAM, and 2GB of internal storage. A MicroSD card reader is also included for extra storage.

The press announcement claims there are plans to bump the device up to Android 2.2, but we will believe that when we see it. Cherrypal CEO admits the CherryPad America is no iPad killer, but it still comes in at the killer price of $188.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Why is there so much dead real estate on that front screen?

  2. Yeah…..I looks if they took a ePicture Frame and installed Android OS. lol.

  3. I totally understand having negative space on a tablet so that you can hold it better, but it doesn’t seem like much of the 7″ is usable with negative space that intrusive.

  4. Still a better value than the iMaxipad.

  5. I think tablets are flooding the market and are a waste of money. Everyone and their Grandma has put one out in the past year. Most people have a cell phone with internet access and most people already have a laptop with internet access, so what’s the point in spending MORE money on another product for MORE internet access?? Unless you travel A LOT and don’t want to lug around your laptop (which is all of a couple of pounds) their a waste of money imo!

  6. It’s a great price.. about the same as a phone.. and many people don’t need a smart phone, they need a 7 inch wifi tablet.. At that price I’m very tempted to buy it. I think it will do well in lower to upper middle income groups for people looking for a tablet on a budget.

  7. ToastnJam, I am looking for a cheap 7″ tablet to use as:

    o light, big, movie viewer
    o light, big, web surfer
    o light, big, calendar/agenda/email/text device
    o light, big, book reader

  8. I just bought one of these… the company is phenomenal… started by a buy working with Stanford students to bring lower cost computers using recycled materials and features that most computer users use.

    Plus, the best part is they started a worldwide educational initiative called Education Wins (Edwin) which takes low cost computers into developing countries (and low income parts of the US)…. (you can actually buy one of these for $250 and the money goes to the Edwin program… which is what I did.)

    I have been waiting for the Galaxy Tab… but am so pissed that the US carriers took away the phone option, I bought one of these instead.

    Great price point, good feature set and excellent return/replacement policy…

  9. Market???

  10. hee hee hee….

    Notice the 3G icon in the notification bar? Oops! Betting that was NOT supposed to be there!

    As far as the Market goes, there are a multitude of “markets” available, even if the actual Android Market isn’t. Folks need to remember that we are talking about Android OS, and not Crapple, Google doesn’t care where/when/how/why/what app you put on your Android devices, just use them the way you feel you need to!

    We gotta stop nagging about the Market being available on these Android tablets. It isn’t going to be there until Google releases their “true” tablet OS, and until the apps are certified to support the tablet layout. They don’t want to give credence to “substandard” accusations. Like it or not, they want/need to compete with the i*ad!


  11. These type tablets are great for the hacking community. After some custom roms added you can pretty much do anything you want with these. There is an entire community that take cheap tablets and hack them for the Google experience and make them faster and more usable. I have 2 cheap tabs that is great for comic book reading, e-book reading,web surfing and others. If interested check out

  12. Anon, all those things you listed can be done on your laptop. (if you have one, which most people do these days) Besides, have you ever tried reading a book on one of these things? The WHOLE book? Even on a larger Kindle, their a huge strain on the eyes as well as difficult to read in sunlight. I’ll stick with my laptop. Like I noted earlier, tablets are ONLY good for people who travel a lot. And in this economy, people aren’t travelling a lot. It’s a waste to use at home because you’ve got a larger tv for movies, and a personal computer for everything else. I just think everyone is jumping on the tablet bandwagon and I don’t see them selling very good. While this is a decent price, 2GB of storage is nothing and would fill up quick. Adding a higher capacity SD card is going to quickly raise that price on top of what you’re going to pay for web access. Don’t be deceived by the sale price, look at the bigger picture. (no pun intended!) You’re already paying for cable/satellite/movie rentals for your tv. You’re paying for your cell phone plan (and web access if you’ve got a smartphone) and you’re paying for internet access on your home pc. MOST people are not going to fork over another 50 bucks a month for a tablet that will only end up sitting in the kitchen junk drawer after the novelty has worn off.

  13. ipad killer!

  14. tablets… someone who uses it alot, please let me know…. I call it a hybrid, smarter then a smart phone (maybe) and not intelligent to run programs (just apps,)… i think these tablets are awesome but really are not being used correctly. i think companies such as FORD, G.E. Fridges and gas stations should use this kind of technology. running simple apps, for simple problems. We see what the technology we can create and we can write genius applications i just think we need to just think where these would really benefit. so i think the tablet is a going to be a great spring board. it is going to take us to many great places.

  15. i forgot to mention, that with Googles new chrome OS, running your entire pc off the internet, i beleive the Tablet will be very Useful and Powerful. But only as powerful as Google can create the apps or programs. this might revolutionize the market. the competition will need to alter its thought process so it can catch up with tablets and online OS. this i believe will be brilliant.
    also this whole ITV and google tv thing. if this could be thrown in a tablet… that would be freekin crazy. imagine the possibilities… Ok sorry for dreaming out loud, outside my box again

  16. I had nothing but bad experiences dealing with Cherrypal a few months ago. They double charged me for my order and their 2-5 day ship time wasn’t met after nearly a month. I sent multiple e-mails and made multiple calls, most of which were not answered until I threatened to report them to the BBB. Ultimately, I just had to ask my credit card to reverse the charges.

    I would suggest others stay away.

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