HTCSense.com is Live


HTC’s companion site for all of their new Sense devices – currently the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Desire Z on the Android front – has gone live and is waiting for new and excited Sense users to join up. Unfortunately, most people won’t get the pleasure of using the site to its full potential as the phones best equipped to take advantage of them have yet to be released. Regardless, you can try and sign up now ahead of HTC launching the phones to the public. Andrew from Androinica did just that and put together a nice round-up of features you can expect to see upon being granted access. Head over there now to take a look.


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  1. :-)

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    To replace this page, overwrite the file index.html in the document root folder of this domain’s default virtual server. The document root folder of the domain GlassFishDomain is located at install-dir /domains/GlassFishDomain/docroot, where install-dir is the Application Server installation directory.

    Register GlassFish Enterprise Server with Sun Connection now

  2. LOL what a nice server default page :P

  3. I guess the glass broke..

  4. meh…guess it only works on phones and not physical browsers on the computer??

  5. doesn’t come up on HTC phone either

  6. got to htcsense.com and not http://www.htcsense.com they’re having some kind of redirect problem

  7. seems to be working now

  8. Can’t wait for the Dinc to be supported.

  9. You can’t create an account if you don’t have one of the 2 new phones from HTC.
    Why don’t they have the EVO on there.?

  10. If your using a leaked/hacked ROM (FOR YOUR DEVICE) with this “Sense 2.0” you can use the site! :D

  11. …and its down again.

  12. Can someone confirm please if other 2.2 based android phones would get the new sense update eg Desire

  13. I hope it’ll support HTC Legend and Desire and other HTC phones with Sense UI.

  14. Choosing location UK it seems to constantly reload the login page.

  15. Only the entry page is taken down. You can use Google’s cached version of it or goto the US page (https://www.htcsense.com/us). You can change your country in the top right portion of the screen. So far it only lists the Desire HD and Desire Z phones. I was able to create an account and verify it via email, but after that it asks that you login on your phone with the following instructions:
    “Welcome to HTC Sense. Please sign in to HTC Sense from your phone to complete the account creation process. You’ll need a network connection to sign in from your phone. Please turn on mobile network or Wi-Fi in Settings. On your phone, tap the Setup icon in the All apps screen and sign in when you see the HTC Sense screen.”

    It appears this is referring to part of the settings area in the newer phones, because just trying to login via the browser on my HTC Aria phone doesn’t work.

  16. When will this work with other HTC phones like the EVO?

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