Motorola Droid Pro Hands-On Video


We promised we’d be back with video from Motorola’s shindig last night and right here we are. One of Motorola’s product specialists gave us a tour of the device in all its glory before we got our handws on it. If our written impressions of the Motorola Droid Pro didn’t do anything to whet your whistle, then the content you’ve been waiting for is straight ahead.

[PS]: It might be a bit hard to hear over all of the noise we had to deal with yesterday. We’re hoping to get some sit-down time with the Droid Pro and other phones today as we take the show floor at CTIA.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Fuck the driod pro, Here Is what WE CARE ABOUT:Were the fuck is Project emerald from tmobile. That new plasticly MyTouch blows! Fuck you Phandroid and fuck your source who said there would be a “dual release” of two phones. Where is it?!?!?! And where the fuck is the htc Glacier? The Glacier’s cpu PWNED the shit out of every phone, And PWNED most phones gpus. The new mytouch’s 1ghz processor is NOT the glacier (and yes, im trollin)

  2. haha mongoloid keller :D

  3. @ keller
    and yes you’re douching it up. t-mobile? and you’re complaining?

  4. @Keller lol, You mad bro?

  5. that is one ugly fucking phone, i will not buy.

  6. lol…..wow immamture for sure. Its a phone, not that critical.

  7. grow up keller and take your trolling somewhere else and whine to someone who actually cares what you think! I’m amazed how some people will take the time to complain about a product when they have no intention in actually buying said product.
    This is a great phone for that small segment of the population that will need it!

  8. Maybe when keller grows up he’ll realize he’s with one of the worst cell phone carriers out there (tmo) and nobody cares about them except teenage girls who like to text their bffs!

  9. ive had tmo for 9 years, now that i have HSPA+, i like them more. 5mgs in my area from data. Gotta love that.

  10. It is ugly as hell, but no more ugly than all BB’s out there. I would buy it, I sure don’t ned Apple’s uber pixel display for anything. My question is, can I just pop out the sim and put in a TMO or ATT sim in America? Or does the SIM swapping only work outside the US?

  11. Lol never heard anyone drop so many f-bombs on a site that is intended for the geeky crowd. Anyway let the kid vent his fustrations. All he wants is the phone of his dreams. Id be as frustrated if i was on t-mobile haha

  12. @keller come at me bro. you jelly?

  13. Lmao, thank you Uly.

  14. Somebody needs to learn how to speak properly.

  15. Glad to finally see an Android phone with this form factor. I like slide out, but lots of people like this BB / Moto Q shape.

  16. Isn’t the Droid family only with Verizon? What’s with the t-mobile rant on a Moto Droid Pro post? Take your meds bro.

  17. i’m your huckleberry

  18. @Keller

    ROFL what a sad way to live.

  19. Im totally with Keller. Its all about Verizon and their fucked up Droids.

    Why doesnt Google just go fucking exclusive with Verizon. Fucking bullshit. Tmobile was the first carrier to launch an Android phone, give them some fucking credit.

    +1 Keller All the fucking way.

  20. What is this the school yard? You kids can’t talk to others without swearing? Grow up already! People will take your comments much more serious when you know how to act in public. As it looks right now, I’m picturing a couple of tweens sitting outside the mall waiting for their Mommy to come pick them up.

  21. @Slick

    You very uninformed. Android is open source, so it is up to the carriers and phone companies to take the operating system and use it. Google has no favorites, Verizon is just a smart ass company.

  22. @Slick

    You’re an idiot. Until you understand the definition of open source don’t bother talking and wasting everyone’s time. Verizon used their brains and actually are launching phones that are competing with Iphone, smart as hell….

  23. I like pizza

  24. talking in a crowded room whilst waving around a phone is not a hands on, we didn’t get to see it do anything other than show a home screen.

  25. Thank you slick! This kind of shit just pisses me off!

  26. O Blackberry better watch there asses. Cuz Motorola know wats up in the business department. They have two BlackBerry like phones comin out! Wow

  27. “the droid pro is rumored to be a world version of the droid 2”
    oh, that sounds nice actually. a good phone with globetrotting, what’s to los-
    “and here it is”
    oh god what is that horrible awful blackberry clone doing in my delicious droid lineup

  28. @Keller Have you ever considered the reason you’re not alone in this is because there’s more than one idiot in the world?

  29. @BB Copy this crap should had a slide out keyboard. ROAM 220 Countries thats expensive $$$ Why cant you just change the sims? or can you?

  30. If this had an unlocked bootloader, I would be all over it.

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