T-Mobile Prepaid Plan Pricing Leaks


I’m a big proponent of increased options and customer flexibility, and allowing customers prepay plans is something the American market has long been missing. T-Mobile USA will try to fill that gap with prepaid data plans that Engadget says could launch at CTIA in the next several days:


According to the rumors you can choose from either:

  • $10 = 100MB/7 Days – plan complete with whichever comes first
  • $30 = 300MB/30 Days – plan complete with whichever comes first
  • $50 = 1GB/30 Days – plan complete with whichever comes first

The best part of this plan is it’s easy to remember… unfortunately, it isn’t that good. Europeans and others around the world are enjoying far better plans at far better rates with the same flexibility. I guess we’ve got some catching up to do but it’s good to see the pre-paid plan take steps forward.

Even if they’re baby steps.

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  1. These numbers suck….how much does data the average user use anyway?

  2. Wow i thought i was getting ripped off in Aus (as we always do) cause AU$50 got me 2GB of data and 30 days.

  3. I get “unlimited” (and it seems to be genuinely unlimited) on my (currently in use in my phone) SIM for £5 per month. So $50 (£31) for 1GB per month? Yeah, that’s pretty terrible. My line rental, calls, texts, MMS and internet come to less than half that.

  4. Doesn’t Virgin Mobile give you unlimited 3G for $40 for 30 days?

  5. I get unlimited here in the US with T-mobile and my internet charge is only $20 per month with free tethering on my Nexus.

  6. This is disgusting. How does T-mobile think they can go with the same data pricing as the bigger carriers. They should be going more in line with Virgin Mobile or Cricket since they have smaller coverage area (on native towers).

  7. I get unlimited data every month from T-Mobile with their even more plus, is this really such a big deal?

  8. I use about 7gb of data a month. Verizon hates me.

  9. These big networks are indeed killing Americans.No wonder they make billions every year.i used to wonder how that was possible,now i know.
    You guys should rise up against this nonesense

  10. i see you pulled your yahoo finance article :D. If it’s any consolation your article was better than Kevin’s.

  11. LMAO. So I already get unlimited internet for $30 a month on my phone. With all the mobile hotspots and open networks, not to mention your own houses wifi…I see no reason to ever pay for this…ever!

  12. why is this a big deal? Why get prepaid if you can get TMO “pay as you go” ? same thing really since they charge you on the 1st of the month for that month, with no activation/sign up fees you can get everything unlimited (no contract) for $80/mo, provided you own a GSM phone :)

  13. These new pricings are coming because of the data only plans that the Samsung Tab will need, as well as any other new tablets/internet devices (no voice services) coming soon. And yes these prices seem high, but this is only to connect to the internet via the 3G network. If you use it mostly at home, you probably have wi-fi and won’t be connecting via 3G. Same when on the road. Many businesses offer free wi-fi, with more and more adding the service.

  14. My first cell phone was a prepaid T-Mobile phone (still have it, actually). The thing I liked was paying only if I needed to use it. Even better was you could prepay a $100 worth and your minutes wouldn’t expire at the end of the year. If they could do that with data, I’d get the Tab on a plan like that. Most of the time it would be used with wifi but having the data backup would be cool if there wasn’t a free wifi spot available, and by looking at my Nexus One data usage, it’s not much because I use wifi a ton more.

  15. $50 = 1GB/30 Days – plan complete with whichever comes first

    Confused about the 30 day part. So if this is prepaid, their is still a 30 day limit on this!! For $50 I’m pretty sure I could find a better way to access 1GB of data. My Tmobile unlimited plan only adds $25 to my bill and they provide up to 10GB before they reduce its speed. It would cost me $475 more dollars just to go prepaid for the same service I currently get.

  16. guys, have to remember…tmobile keeps these prepaid plans around for illegal immigrants, ex cons, hustlers, anyone that needs to be under the radar..

    even an even more plus flex play plan needs an ID and an address to open up…which isn’t a very good idea if you’re running from the law or are making money on the back streets.

  17. wow. $50 for 1 GB? I have used over a GB and I still have time left in my billing cycle. Oh and it only costs $30 a month. Price for off contract data should be at or below on contract data pricing. Since the carrier isn’t subsidizing the phone in off contract lines, they don’t have that excuse for their outrageous prices.

  18. Wow this is terrible pricing. Virgin Mobile has that beat with the Android power Samsung Intercept at 25$ a month you get 300 minutes unlimited texting and data. They also run off Sprint towers.

  19. Sprint towers suck balls, that’s nothing to brag about.

  20. Why can’t T-mobile bring back the Sidekick plan (15¢/minute + unlimited text and web for $1/day) and make it available on all phones?

  21. Horrific pricing, pricing themselves right out of the game!!

  22. @ alex How about people with bad credit prick.

  23. What’s worse is they stop video if its running too long (which can be around 6 minutes),then slow you down to unusably slow speeds, even with the daypass option. They block websites (couldn’t access certain filestube websites due to a notice stating they do not let us access it). They stop downloads (something as as simple as a 14 mb .pdf—true story) at their whim, even if you’re tethering to pc… They’re making it unworth it to do business with them period. I am seriously looking at other companies now, and planning on selling my Nexus. They’ll put themselves out of business like this.
    Both Virgin and Boost are leagues cheaper, and don’t play with your video use. Tmobile is a joke now. I’m amazed they don’t see what they’re doing to themselves.

    #Tombile #Fail

  24. does t-mobile prepaid suck?

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