Angry Birds Full Version Next Week


A couple of weeks ago, Rovio promised that the full version of Angry Birds would be out in the Android market “in a couple of weeks.” Well this week makes up the beginning of that deadline, but they’ve hit a small snag in getting it live. They want to add proper multitasking support for Android (which is something I highly appreciate as I hated having to exit Angry Birds knowing I’d have to go through the start-up process all over again.)


Thus, we won’t be seeing it in the Android market until next week, but we’re sure you can wait just a little bit longer. Why not clear your stats and go for all three stars again in the beta version? See if you can beat my record of doing it four times. (Yes, I’m that addicted.)

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  1. Cool! I love angry birds. Id rather they take the extra time and do it right rather than rushing an unfinished product to market, which isn’t a rare thikng in the gaming world.

  2. Just release it now and then release an updated version.

  3. I would love to buy it when it gets release…hopefully I’ll be able to see it in the market….

    Posted from my AT&T Captivate

  4. can’t wait. this is a game that is definitely worth paying for.

  5. This is the stupidest game.
    What I want to know is why cant we stop playing it ?


  6. Can’t wait! This is my favorite game on my phone :)

  7. Sweet. Can’t wait!

  8. Hoping for some new levels too. Haven’t touched it since…

  9. there is no way on Gods green earth that I can install the beta on my Evo 4g. On the comment I see people say they have it but Ive never never been able to. Any help?

  10. Must…..get….all….three…..stars…….full…..version….too……

  11. My anticipation for this game is starting to fade. the suspense feeling is turning into a state of feeling jerked around I do love this game so I’m going its worth the wait

  12. Will it be fully comparable with the iProduct version?

  13. Isn’t it five stars on the Android version?

  14. @The_Omega_Man Yes, it is exactly like the iPoop version. Actually, it’s even better since it’s officially on Android. :P Can I get BOOYA train to start?

  15. just how many posts has phandroid made about this game? lol at least one more is still going to be made

  16. @Andrew… STFU. Seriously, what are you 5 years old?

    I’ll be waiting for the release… anyone know what happend to Reckless Racing from Pixelbite? Last post on their site was months ago stating a summer release… bastards.

  17. I will empty my bank account to get this game. And when they release it i will inject the .apk into my bloodstream and give the angry birds company full command over my soul and i’m gonna tatoo 3 stars everywhere over my body

  18. Fun game. But multitasking is sorely needed.

  19. I hope this will work for me…

    The first Beta worked fine. Had never played Angry Birds before and thought it was awesome!

    But then the update to the beta meant It would launch to the splash screen and then dump me back to the main menu…

    Bad form.

  20. OMG get a life losers

  21. Glad to hear that multitasking is being worked on. I often wondered if the reason there was no multitasking implemented for this game on android initially was because they didn’t have to do it for the apple phone?

  22. Do want! I’ll be buying this the day it comes out.

  23. @Brian In Va
    OMG get a life losers

    Says the one trolling on a website

  24. Anyone have a clue as to the cost?

  25. Cant wait to get it I am soooooo addicted hurry plz

  26. Looks like they just pulled the beta from the Market

  27. @Thomas Brown
    Angry Birds is still on the market, I just checked. In fact ot was the first game listed under “free arcade’.

  28. @zack- as much as I want to call you an iphanboy, I’ll just tell YOU to stfu, because YOU’RE wrong. The android version of angry birds is better, since it runs at a higher resolution (800×480) than on the iproduct versions.

    Can’t wait for full version release :)

  29. I’ll fist my own ass and slap a badger

  30. I hope the footprint of the final version will be considerably smaller! The game is great but 13 MB is lot for a non-rooted Legend owner on 2.1

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