Telstra’s T-Touch Tab Android Tablet


Before I type anything else, I just want to ask one question: who names their tablet the “T-Touch Tab?” Anywho, Telstra’s getting set to unveil just that pretty soon as not only their first Android tablet, but their first one with their name backing it. The Australian carrier could just be rebranding Huawei’s SmaKit 7-inch tablet, however. Not entirely unbelievable considering Huawei makes their money on producing cheap devices for carriers to sell under their own name. We can’t really say much for sure until we get an official confirmation, however, so take this for what you will.


[via AusDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. T-Touch??? are you sure the marketing guy wasnt stuttering?

  2. I don’t know what to make of Telstra these days. They seem to be embracing android more than other Aussie carriers, and their network actually is better, despite them saying it’s better. But they’re the old monopoly. They have a dismal record for customer service, and traditionally have the most expensive plans. It looks like they’re changing, but I can’t make myself believe it. It’s similar to the feeling I would expect if Microsoft released a stock froyo phone…

  3. The “T(elstra)-Touch Tab”. They always do it… Like the T-Box. More like D-Box

  4. T-touch is lame, but it goes with their branding.
    T-Life stores, where you go to buy your phone and sign up for contracts. Think the phone version of Apple stores.

    T-Hub, home phone which doubles as a wireless tablet

    T-box, a set-top box which streams online content including movie hire.

    Telstra have historically been the behemoth to avoid. They’ve got the best performing network, but they’ve always charged like a wounded bull and love to lock you in to ripoff contract with much less value than their competitors.
    But I gotta admit their new pricing scheme and bundled hardware is improving.

  5. telstra have an internet connected home phone they are pushing at the moment called ‘t-hub’. I guess they want to keep the t-words coming.

    please, telstra. android is just gettting going here in oz, don’t release a crappy <2.0 tablet

  6. ‘T’ announced the ‘T-touch tab’ for shipment November 1 today. Give them their due, they are trying real hard to get their branding with this ‘t’ thing. Personally I think that the word ‘slate’ works better than ‘tablet’ just because it is new and tablets have been around for a while.
    the new device has phone to make voice and video calls as well as SMS (I guess it has bluetooth for the phone side as I can’t see anyone wanting to press this bad boy up to their ear (it is 18 centimeters long). The amazing news is that it will retail for AU$299 and it does use Android 2.1 (the Samsung uses 2.2).

  7. I have one. don’t get me wrong…I dislike telstra, but the T-Touch is not too bad. I like it. If only I could install apps to the SD card.

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