Motorola Droid R2-D2 Unboxing [Video]



We here at Phandroid are always game for the geeky, quirky, and weird, so it should come as no surprise that we jumped at the chance to get our hands on the Motorola Droid 2 R2-D2 edition. Its everything the Motorola Droid 2 already is with a healthy dose of nerd-tastic content and an extremely well-executed deco. Not only is the R2-D2 likeness on the back of the handset, but there are also plenty of little touches that pull in the Star Wars experience. We will get back to you later with a walkthrough of some more content on the phone (my Google account loaded in my old Droid wallpaper immediately so I completely overlooked the nice selection of Empire Strikes Back Live Wallpapers available) and a better look at the cool but ultimately pointless ESB Goggles app. But for now enjoy this unboxing of a geek’s dream come true.

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  1. Just received mine via FedEx. Very nostalgic and well done!

  2. Id definitely buy it if i was loaded. Really nice collector’s item. Of course i wouldnt use it since the UI sucks. Apparently the screen isnt very responsive and it looks a tad laggy…well from what im seeing on this video.

  3. Sometimes I wonder if they can’t save some packaging materials… it isn’t like anyone cares if every single piece is sealed in several layers of plastic…

    (btw the corners is clockwise, you went counterclockwise)

  4. looks like another motorola with the unlock screen lag. I agree it does seem to be pretty laggy.

  5. look, he cut his nails….yay for hygene!

  6. I hope they come out with a C3PO version… just kidding, nobody wants that.

  7. why is it loading so slow?

  8. It does seem surprisingly laggy. Did it smooth out after using it for a couple hours? Makes my Droid 1 running UD8 seem really fast, comparatively.

  9. The other day I saw someone using a Blackberry Torch, I pointed at him and laughed. But, if I actually saw someone in public with one of these I would go find the Torch user so we could both point and laugh at the dweeb.

  10. What a stupid gimmick. Instead of coming out with an improved phone, moto an verizon resort to repackaging an old phone and selling it to children who cant grow up.

  11. I’m pretty sure R2-D2 is a DROID not a man!

  12. Yeah, it’s lagging cause it’s syncing with his Google account. Do any of you actually own an Android phone? Idiots.

  13. I can’t wtach this here in germany, because of Sony Music =(

    Pls add one video with Music from another brand.

    @ Sony Music
    I will never buy anything from Sony Music again.
    The blocking of youtube videos from your brand on youtube is just annoying and counterproductive. Noone will listen to your Music anymore in the long run!

  14. What the hell is Moto thinking, no wonder why they are getting their ass kicked in the mobile phone market.

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