Oct 1st, 2010

Three out of the four Galaxy S smartphones that made their way to US shores didn’t come with a front-facing camera in tow, but that’s not going to stop the crafty guy in you. XDA’s done it again and has found a way to take a replacement camera for the Galaxy S and install it in any other Galaxy S phone (it’s only been tested for the Vibrant but I can’t imagine it’d be much different from the other devices.)


They’ve already taken care of the hard work for you by whipping up the necessary software, but you’ll have to crack open your device to make room for the camera by peeling some paint and connecting some wires. Shouldn’t be too hard if you’re the type that’s already into this sort of stuff. Head on over to XDA for the full suite of download links and instructions (including a link to where you can buy the camera itself.)

[via TalkAndroid]

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