Samsung Epic 4G Update Rolling Out Now, Brings Increased 3G Upload Speeds



The updates for the Samsung Galaxy S family of phones continue to roll out, and just as Sprint promised the Samsung Epic 4G is getting its own as I type this. The update brings about four big fixes for the second 4G handset from Sprint. The big point of interest is an increase in 3G upload speeds, something that should please those with the handset who don’t reside in 4G areas. Other improvements come in the form of improved WiFI standby battery drain, Amazon MP3 can now download on 4G, and large email upload speeds are increased. The update will bring your firmware up to version S:D700.0.5S.DI18 and will be pushed to handsets automatically. The download might take a bit — seven to eight minutes to be exact — so be sure to download it over your WiFI network. Happy now?

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  1. … unfortunately for me, no it isn’t :(

  2. got my UPDATE at 5:10 pst

  3. Ya another update from corrupt aholes like sprint and samsung.First they advertise the phone with 512mb ram and 1gb rom and advertise the phone ad having the tv out function from the 3.5mm head phone jack.The phone only comes with 512mb rom and only 340mb of ram they used a chunk of ram to fix the lag problem.And they removed the video out function via a software update(a function we paid for).Wether they did it because of sprint tv or they were worried about excessive bandwidth use,they still didn’t have a right too.And this update takes your ability to download or run the tv.com app from the market place,an app that gives you full free episodes to watch.Could it be because they want to force sprint tv down your throat so you have to buy their channels.Or could it be so you have to buy episodes from samsungs new app (media hub) or could it be both.You be the judge.From my point of view, both companys have corrupt aholes in charge and I wish people would get together and file a class action lawsuit against them.

    Another example of sprints corruption is when them and htc would not let evo owners return or exchange their phone due to screen seperation.Claiming that its only cosmetic and not a problem.Ya well it becomes a problem in a few months when it gets so bag that moisture and dirt get in your phone and ruin it.Its not the customers fault that sprint and htc hurried the evo out without having all the bugs worked out.So they could have the first 4g phone on the market.So I recommend not going to sprint unless you absolutely have to.Im stuck with them dont’ maker the same mistake I did.Thought I was lucky that radio shack let me trade my evo in for an epic but,it turned out to be a whole new bunch of bullshi*.

  4. i really hate sprint. ive only been with them since july, and its horrible. im on the 3G network and im only getting .2-.4 mbps download on my samsung moment. i came from tmobile and i think i may go back, as soon as i get out of my contract.

  5. I really hate sprint the gps still isn’t working on my epic. after paying 550.00 for it you think i would get a good phone. i’m goin to switch to at&t

  6. Meh…I think you guys would complain about whatever carrier you are on. Personally, after having been with AT&T, T-Mobile, and now Sprint, I can say they are the best of the three. T-Mobile isn’t bad, but the Sprint network itself seems to have better signal strength and more consistent quality of service.
    The only issue I have is that this update, while fixing a lot of things (especially the battery issue) has “broke” the market in that I cannot see secure apps on the market until Sprint does their due diligence and updates the code with Google. So it might be a few months before I can download programs like “Square” again. :(

  7. The Epic is an alright phone. It does require some modification to make it not suck though. You must root the phone and overclock the processor to have it not lag and actually let you multitask, but when doing that make sure that you have a charger handy or else your battery will go flat in a jiffy.

  8. I keep reading these posts from back in Sept stating the update is out yet it’s December and still no update!!!

  9. why do all you people like to complain so much about a da*n fun? i mean if you want the phone to do so much, WHY DONT YOU JUST MAKE YOUR OWN? its only a fun.. DA*N!?!?!

  10. why do all you people like to complain so much about a da*n phone? i mean if you want the phone to do so much, WHY DONT YOU JUST MAKE YOUR OWN? its only a phone.. DA*N!?!?!

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