Samsung Epic 4G Getting Upload Speed Fix Tomorrow


That recent OTA update that went out for the Samsung Epic 4G didn’t address the upload speeds as we all hoped it would, but Sprint wasn’t ignoring the issue – it probably just wasn’t ready yet. It looks like it’s ready now, however, as a Sprint Admin on their support forums has updated us on the issue: an upgrade to specifically address this issue will roll out starting tomorrow and will get to everyone over the course of the next four days.


There may be other fixes included in this update, but they’ve yet to post a changelog to go along with it – we should be treated to that sometime tomorrow morning. We’ll keep our eyes on the forums and let you guys know what else is up with this update. Until then, sit tight: your kilobytes aren’t going anywhere.

[via Android Forums]

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  1. Cool,, Now only if they come up with Froyo update soon with GPS fixes. GPS does work on Epic but not always and does not lock or change when you are at different place. Signal strength is very poor.

  2. Agreed DPS

  3. GPS is horrible indoors on the Epic. I hope they fix that soon. Froyo cannot come soon enough.

  4. I bet they were saying we better get this 3g fixed quick or we will be seeing alot of returns of the Epic for HTC Evos.

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