Foursquare Update Makes App More Attractive, Adds Tips and To-Do


Foursquare’s updated their Android app today – just as they promised – and version 2.0 brings some nice features and a graphical upgrade. Functionality wise, you can look forward to accessing tips and to-dos from your Foursquare friends on the go – something that was only available on the website prior to today’s update. It gives read and write access so it effectively eliminates the need to ever sign back in to the Foursquare website (the only other reasons being to change account settings such as password, Twitter and Facebook links, etc.) As far as aesthetics go, they updated the tabbed interface for a cleaner look and to allow more space for the two new aforementioned features.android_blog1

Just below the tabs is a new rocker to switch between different views depending on which tab you’re in. Under friends, you can easily separate recent check-ins from nearby check-ins. Tips lets you switch between tips that your friends leave and tips that anyone leaves. To-do’s rocker is similar to friends’. You can find the new version of Stalksqu– I mean, Foursquare in the Android market now.

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  1. Any information about an update for the Backflip?
    Would be nice to be,able to use flash player as that
    Is used by about half the sites I visit.

  2. I always had tips and to-dos under the venue info.

  3. Since the update on my Droid Incredible, I no longer get any points for checking in ANYWHERE.

  4. The update wiped out my whole history and friend list, and every time I connect it says Foursquare is over capacity. I would steer clear for now.

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