Google Maps Update Brings Weather into Live Wallpaper


Google Maps has just been updated in the Android market. There’s no official changelog to be had yet, but we’ve noticed that the live wallpaper bundled with the application now shows weather information wherever you are. This is pretty cool, but nothing worth clamoring about if you don’t even use this wallpaper. We’ll be checking to see if Google releases a changelog so we can learn more about this particular update.


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  1. Says in the Market:
    New in Google Maps:
    Walking Navigation (Beta)
    Filter search results by distance or ratings
    Maps like wallpaper weather

  2. There are a couple of other changes as well. Walking directions are now available. Additionally, when you search for something, you can set how far away you want Google Maps to search relative to your current location. After you search, select the menu button in the bottom left hand corner of the map which brings up the listings and you can filter based on distance and rating.

  3. Walking directions and new search features were available since the previous update, which we covered here:
    This looks like it only updates the wallpaper.

  4. If you hate the new search bar that came in the 4.5 update, star the issue here:

  5. It’s a pretty useless feature since I already get Live Weather Maps from Weatherbug Elite. Don’t really go for the live wallpapers anyways…battery drain!

  6. I don’t really see how this live wallpaper weather warrants the release of an update.

  7. i updated it, now it can’t look in position, gps not working.

  8. Rafael:

    Of course, because Google maps is known for breaking GPS /sarcasm

  9. I never understood how to properly use the live wallpaper from Google Maps.

    I can zoom in by double tapping… i haven’t figured out a way yet to zoom out. It get’s stuck on street-level detail :-)

    And it slows down the phone quite a bit, noteably swiping from one homescreen to another.

  10. it was one of the few live wallpapers i could run on my rooted hero, now it’s not. not too upset though since the weather would be my only reason for running it.

  11. Maps Live Wallpaper is about the worst thing has happened to Android so far.

    Its clunky, does not work and has no use at all.

  12. I have a Mytouch and do not see (or know how to) the live wallpaper … I goto wallpaper from home screen and live wallpapers is not listed…. please help

  13. @Slick – So is Mobile Hotspot, huge battery drain, second worst thing to happen to Android / sarcasm — Just because you don’t like a feature doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be there. Some people like customizing their phone, especially those that have a deeper relationship with it.

    Nexus-baby? would you be a dear and fetch the latest Maps update? k-thx

  14. @Streets of Boston right there with ya. Am I missing how to zoom out? So far Thunderstorm Free has been the only Live Wallpaper that does not drain the battery.

  15. two finger single click to zoom out

    single finger double click to zoom in

  16. @Streets Of Boston – Tap with two fingers to zoom out; just like in Google maps.
    As others have said, the live wallpaper is s-l-o-o-o-w. It seems like this weather feature would be much better as an overlay. And how about overlays… Is Google allowing devs to make them for GMaps? I’d love a speedometer in there.

  17. @snicker02 – Can’t see how to use wallpaper either…

    @SardoNumspa – Thanks!!

  18. Just tried it out. Since it’s raining here, it shows little drops of rain falling from above the map…. a neat little feature.

  19. Live wallpaper doesn’t really drain the battery life on my Fascinate. With moderate to heavy daily usage, I still have at least 40% battery left at the end of each day.

  20. I have a my touch and I dont see live wall paper

  21. Got this recent update for Google Maps on android, and now the “layers” option has dissappeared from the menu. It’s there in navigation, but not with the map. Does anyone have a clue how to find the traffic layers?

  22. The original MyTouch doesn’t support Live Wallpapers. That is a feature that is only available to phones running Android 2.1 and up, i believe. If i’m not mistaken, the MyTouch Slide does run 2.1.

  23. As of 4.5 Layers is now a button that appears at the top of the screen.

    I ended up reverting to the factory version that came with my phone because 4.5.1 broke Latitude background location updates for me.

  24. My GPS is all buggy. The signal won’t stay on for more than a minute or two.

  25. @john the lesser pinch to zoom out.

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