Did You Get Your R2D2 Droid 2 Last Night? [Poll]


Last night marked the arguably geeky launch of the R2D2 special edition of the Motorola Droid 2. Verizon stores across the country held launch parties leading up to a midnight launch of the phone where there were cosplay contests, fun and games, and more. We didn’t get a chance to get out to any of the launch locations, but I’m sure some of you have. Did you go out at midnight to get this phone? If so, what was it like and what did your particular location do? How many people showed up? If you didn’t get the phone at midnight, will you be getting it at all? Let your voice be heard in the poll and comments section below!


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  1. If i wanted one I could walk 500 feet to the nearest store when they go on sale in 5 hours. But I don’t.

  2. if it was gsm and didnt have a locked bootloader i would want this phone.

  3. No, I didn’t feel like driving 110 miles south, at night to Corte Madera to get one ;)

  4. i think i would have been a lot more interested in this phone had they not take the r2 thing so literally… I mean… did it reeeally need to be blue and white? A cool grey image on black would have been tight.

  5. There must still be a lot of hardcore Star wars fans out there to be such a demand for this.

  6. Wheres the r2-d2 droid X?

  7. When you hear about all the wonderful things this phone does you’ll get over the r2d2 thing quickly it has the 2.2 froyo and that just the begining…..

  8. @Jeremy Not in existence. Right were it needs to be.

  9. Nope I didnt, but I did get my G2 instead

  10. wheres the option “No i didn’t because cell phone manufactures HATE canada.” ?

  11. Even if they decided to sell this in Canada, I would not get it. Sorry Motorola…your disdain for non-Americans has really turned me off.

  12. Two words come to mind everytime I see this phone. Fisher + Price.

  13. If I didn’t have my HTC Evo and if Verizon’s data/texting plans weren’t more expensive than mine…nah. I’d still have the Droid X or something similiar…

  14. “Fisher Price” describes it perfectly.

  15. Moto products suck. Why would I get this hunk of junk? HTC FTW!

  16. This phone looks quite….cheap! All these plastic pieces o-crap! Maybe if they added some metallic look and feel to it? Maybe some depth? some texture? Its just a dumb, cheap, kids looking like paint-scheme! Boring! =0(

  17. Cool phone to own if you were a collector, but as an everyday phone NO THANKS

  18. How does something “look” plastic. It’s like saying something “smells” salty. Seriously folks, everyone just likes to bitch. But until you get your hands on a device and try it out, keep your stupid comments to yourself.

  19. Fisher price…lol, that was funny..
    I don’t have to be run over by a bus to know I won’t like it.

  20. lol I love Droids but I still wouldn’t get this phone. however Dan has a point bill…and saying you don’t have to get ran over by a truck to know you don’t like it just doesn’t hold water to his point

  21. I want this phone so bad, I am going to see if I can get it tomorrow. I didn’t really like the droid when it came out but when I saw this one I almost died! I really hope I will be able to get it.

  22. I want Darth Vader Version of Droid X or Desire HD instead (comes with a free lightsaber).

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