Motorola Begonio Will Launch November 1st as the CLIQ 2?


T-Mobile hasn’t fallen off the MOTOBLUR train yet, it seems. Engadget’s been tipped with some information regarding a supposed Motorola CLIQ 2 – codenamed Begonia (don’t ask because I don’t know either) – that will come with Android 2.2 and BLUR. It comes with WiFi calling, 3G hotspot support (something G2 owners won’t have) and will equip its user with a decent keyboard. We could be headed for a November 1st launch if their tipster is to be trusted, but I wouldn’t mark the day on my calendar (unless you’re actively counting down the days to Thanksgiving and Black Friday. If you’re anything like me, you celebrate every day before the celebration. Don’t judge me.)


[via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. so t mobile has became a graveyard for cellphone, an other garbage.

  2. Wow, the Cliq did so good the first time around they decided to make a sequel, LMFAO XD. I can safely say that I will not be even considering this phone.

  3. Based upon my experience with motorola & the cliq there’s no way in HELL I’m getting another motorola phone.

  4. Yeah I seen this from a mile away about 3 months ago.

  5. my question is, if we own the cliq and it supposedly has water damage (my stickers are red)can I get this phone for the $130 deductible without renewing the contract. i’d do it. the cliq sucks!! i hope they discontinue the cliq soon!!

  6. Its pretty dumb to rehash this phone BUT 3G tethering(which may be free on TMO) and WiFi Calling are impressive firsts for TMO. FroYo makes a world of difference as well. Unfortunently tho all you assholes who bought the first Cliq now have to go drop big money on either a 1 year upgraded phone or bite the bullet and spend full price.

  7. Oh. freaking great!!!!

    A phone that will be built great and solid that will end up sucking down battery life and get stuck with 2.1 for the next year!

    Can you believe the 1.5 the original Cliq is on doesnt even have Navigation as its only 2.0+ compatible. Cant believe us suckers bought into the Cliq the first time around! My Cliq is only about 10 months old! HAH! I feel so suckered!!!

  8. is this what they ment when they say theyre working on an update for the cliq? and here i was thinking i was in line for a 2.1 update. If this aint proof that theyre just lying to us about updates and stuff then i dont know what else to say. its been done. they literally came up with a cliq 2 before they could update the first cliq. Im not the type of person to say this, but i hope this phone dont sale any units. I know if i get the chance to get a stolen unit for dirt cheap im all for it… be nice to make Moto feel ripped off rather than the customer this time. not really…ok really.. just mad

  9. Yay! Motorola is making another Cliq! This is great. I hope the make so many and I also hope no one buys them because I am a god damn cliq owner. I hope they lose money with this

  10. @pimpstrong: “all you assholes who bought the first Cliq now have to go drop big money on either a 1 year upgraded phone or bite the bullet and spend full price” Get the facts straight “asshole”! Motorola PROMISED an update and WE consumers bought into it and had faith in Moto to deliver. Remember this is Motorola..a huge and respected company so their word is gold. Unfortunately they (moto) have been pushing back this update and dropping the ball for all their customers. If a Moto Cliq sequel is coming out this makes total sense why they have avoided updating the Cliq so that customers can BUY the new and improved version. Its a crock of shit just as much as you are for blaming the “asshole”..oops meant consumer for what Motorola has promised and failed to deliver. Just on a side note I hope you drop your shiny Android phone in a toilet after you massacred it with your shit. Which is whats also coming outta your mouth. Good day to you sir!

  11. I’m sooo glad I returned my cliq and dropped tmobile to get an evo with sprint. It may not be a perfect phone but it’s a lot closer then the cliq was (or ever will be).

  12. @moises

    you can say that again. verizon and sprint are reaping the benefit of some sweet android love, while we keep getting stuck with low to mid range devices. if there a god maybe we can get some htc desire hd, htc sense, wireless tethering love.

  13. Okay I’m goin to get fxckin ignorant! Fxck being amorous! OMG no the fxck they didn’t! That one has Froyo & my Cliq is still stuck on Android 1.5 Cupcake, I hope they fxckin fail wot this one & loose most of their money! & T-Mobile u should be ashamed of ur damn selves for letting this happen. How could u let a sequel come out & the first Cliq still hasn’t got an Update!

  14. ROOT THE DAMN PHONE WITH BLURRY ECLAIR BETA 11…but if this phone has a 1+ ghz processor 3.7+ inches plus a nice ass keyboard i’d get it -___-

  15. @ Steven
    This could be a good thing, now there is a chance that the firmware on this phone (which is Froyo based) could be put on the Click.

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