Sep 30th, 2010

Google’s putting the Nexus One’s old domain to good use as they’ve just launched their own online Android phone comparison tool that features Android handsets that deliver the best Google experience (which means all of the Google services and Android market must be intact.) Their definition of best shortens this list a whole lot as they’ve undoubtedly focused on pushing the high-end handsets (there’s a good balance of high-end and mid-range, but I like to think they’re just saying “well you get an A for effort.”)


You can filter phones by country, manufacturer, and carrier and get a side-by-side glimpse of how one phone stacks up against up to two more. They say they’ll be adding more over time from different countries, manufacturers, and carriers, but this is a decent start to what could become a great destination for people looking for Android phones. Oh, and US Cellular is up on the list of their featured operators. Is it safe to say we have five major carriers in the United States now? I mean, it’s Google: If they say it, it must be true. Head on to to get started.